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Internet thinking fragments: Huang Taiji closed shop hammer machine fragment loss of Internet thinking? Huang Taiji hammer machine closed shop closed shop, loss of Huang Taiji hammer losses, has been leading a new round of the wave of Internet venture star enterprise, is gradually return halo. But it was noisy, lonely, this is not the mainstream image of the Internet world, but the baby baby bitter, but did not dare to say the dilemma, apparently also rapidly lost it. New financial reporter Cao Xiaolong line Xiaguan days before the main Internet restaurant Huang Taiji, has been discovered has quietly closed a number of stores. The new financial observer reporter learned from birth, Huang Taiji is a family with a strong flavor of the Internet food and beverage brands, rely on "beauty boss" and "Mercedes send pancakes" a hot topic has aroused great attention. In 2012, Huang Taiji opened the first pancake shop in Beijing Jianwai SOHO, and investment institutions pursued, then the rapid expansion, the valuation was as high as 1 billion 200 million yuan, and is regarded as the originator of the Internet catering". In the year and a half before the start time, Huang Taiji used the Internet marketing to drainage, the transformation of traditional catering cost using the Internet method, so as to ensure the traffic situation, can open the shop cheap business district, plans to do "Chinese McDonald", hope to build pancakes as the core of the Chinese fashion fast food chain brand. The pancakes started, Huang Taiji tried to Internet that a copy to the catering industry, however, this story now, but has already done. There are sources, around September 15th, Huang Taiji began to close in Beijing each district line stores, including Zhongguancun, Wangjing, SOHO, China World Trade Center and other regions, as of 19, the number of Huang Taiji Beijing area stores from 44 down to 20. In addition, in April this year, Huang Taiji signed a contract with the cooperation of the 8 brands have half of the price of wine from the Yellow takeaway platform off the assembly line. In the face of the closed shop in September 21st, rumors, Huang Taiji brand founder Chang He through a "no" peak trough, which has the foreign responded that "large factory store did shut down half of the average of more than 500 square meters, and overhead costs, since the business structure is irrational, there is no need to keep off the inevitable". And said that the shop was closed shareholders and team support, without losing the trust of investors. The development of the status quo of Huang Taiji, he Chang said, brand stores still exist and continue to deepen the business, and there is no substantive business change, takeaway is still there. In addition, Huang Taiji said that there are a lot of realizable brand business, we have joined the Australian Franchisee Recruitment, will bring new business growth point." He Chang said that the future does not rule out the development of a variety of brand business model, including the opening of the domestic franchise. On the one hand, with the increase in the cost of revenue, but there is no room for growth Huang Taiji stores. On the other hand, especially in the premise of the user experience is poor, improve the customer price, expand the source are out of the question." An industry source told the new financial observer reporter, Huang Taiji pancakes after a brief burst of red, rapid cooling. The high rents in the downtown business district相关的主题文章: