Bank card fees are not charged to consumers to reduce annual spending 7 billion 400 million sql2005安装图解

The new bank card fees not charging consumers to reduce annual expenditure of 7 billion 400 million merchants bank card fees to the new charging consumers to reduce annual expenditure of 7 billion 400 million Merchants China Times reporter Yang Shi province Beijing reported the bank card fees policy adjustment, the main business reduces operating costs, does not involve fees to consumers." In September 14th, the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference, spokesman, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission zhengyanshi Zhao Chen Hsin in accept the "China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes)" interview with reporters once again made it clear that the policy adjustments to promote market-oriented reform and reduce cost burden oriented, involves the adjustment of government pricing management scope and way cancel the business industry classification pricing, debit card, credit card to implement different charging and so on. In fact, the national development and Reform Commission, the central bank in early March 14, 2016 issued a "notice" on improving the pricing mechanism of bank card credit card fees, to further reduce business operating costs, expanding consumption, leading bank card organizations to enhance the management level and service quality, enhance competitiveness. However, the notice since September 6th this year, the implementation of. After the adjustment of the policy was implemented in September 6th as scheduled." According to Zhao Chenxin introduction, in March this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the people’s Bank issued a notice to improve the pricing mechanism of bank card credit card fees, catering and other businesses to greatly reduce the tariff level, is expected to reduce annual business expenditure of about 7 billion 400 million yuan. Daily economic news reporter noted that the news conference, Zhao Chenxin issued a number of issues in the price reform, the bank card swipe fees as an important issue singled out. Zhao Chenxin introduction, bank card credit card consumption is currently used in the field of business services more than a non cash payment, is one of the important aspects of modern business circulation. As of the end of 2015, the national bank card number in the issuance of more than 5 billion 400 million cards, more than 16 million bank card networking merchants, POS machines more than 20 million units. 2015, the country has a total of about 29 billion bank card business, the amount of about $55 trillion. Zhao Chenxin said that the implementation of the policy, the competition more fully acquiring link service fees regulated by the market, is conducive to play the role of market mechanism, to maintain a reasonable level of stability rate, promote the acquiring institution innovation service mode; catering business credit card, debit card issuing bank transaction service fee, service fee rate, total network can be reduced by 53% to 63% respectively, department stores and other industries businesses can be reduced by 23% to 39%; the supermarket and other businesses will through the introduction of preferential measures to maintain the rate of overall stability in the transition period. However, the reporter noted that the bank card credit card fee rate new regulations, the industry has also been a lot of controversy. "The reason why the issuing bank service charges on debit card, credit card transactions to make different policy arrangements, because the transaction costs of these two types of bank card business structure, risk characteristics of difference." Zhao Chenxin said in reply to reporters to explain when in doubt, because the overdraft privileges are different, compared with a debit card, credit card transactions in need of相关的主题文章: