Shame 2 foreign media scores have been open to the overall quality of excellence 音羽かなで

Shame 2 foreign media scores have been open to the public and the overall quality of praise 2 area of shame, shame, has been officially on sale, foreign media have also been disclosed in this score for the. Because Bethesda changed their evaluation strategy, will not be the same as before the release date before the early game evaluation version to the media in the hands of foreign media, now can only get in the game and game player almost the same time. Some of the more efficient foreign media has been the first to publish the first scores. "2" the first media published scores of shame "shame 2" by Arkane Studioss, the game player purchased the tickets in advance can play games in November 9th, the general release date is November 11th. Gamespot gave 8 points of shame evaluation of the "Great", the main advantages include a combination of creative weapons, excellent level tasks, details of the world, etc.. The disadvantage is that the late protagonist is too strong, the level of the lack of challenge, narrative insipid. "Shame" 2 GameSpot score of 8 currently open the main media score as follows: PCgamesN – 10 – 8.5 Attack of the Fanboy Gameblog – 55 France – 9 Gamespot – 8 GamesRadar – 4.55 IGN and Polygon in the evaluation. (source: VG247 editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: