Hallucinogenic drug addict with a knife to kill his ex-wife, the family of the deceased seeking a le cad2012序列号和密钥

Hallucinogenic drug addict with a knife to kill his ex-wife, the family of the deceased seeking a lenient sentence, the original title: hallucinations after taking drugs with a knife to his ex-wife on drug hallucinations after case with a knife to his ex-wife, 28 year old Zhang, on suspicion of intentional homicide, was detained in May 13, 2015, in June 20th the same year was arrested. The court found, May 13, 2015 9 am, Zhang Daxing Huangcun in a residential home, a knife stabbing his ex-wife Lee (female, who died 23 years old) body and cut Lee neck, resulting in the death of Lee hemorrhagic shock. Zhang after committing the crime, on the same day to the public security organs surrendered. It is understood that Zhang and Lee married in 2011, the following year, a child in October. At the end of February 2015, two people divorced in his hometown of Jilin, then two people to work in Beijing. According to Zhang’s argument, as early as 2008, he began to take drugs, but parents do not know, his wife did not know after the suction, but also for the sake of this argument, but he still secretly suck. Although the two divorced, but still have feelings, so after coming to live in Beijing. For the day of the incident, Zhang confessed that he was taking two grams of methamphetamine on the morning of the multi?? then hallucinations, see the person in front of his family were killed, "I don’t know where to take the knife, took to her. When I woke up, I found my wife lying on the ground with a knife on her lap". After the incident, Zhang call the police. According to Zhang explained that after the drug had produced three or four hallucinations, the total feeling of people around him. The judgment of the deceased seeking a lenient sentence, was sentenced to life imprisonment after Zhang in an interview with the police interrogation, early does not cooperate, the face of interrogation has been silent, but always say "too bad, too bad". Late confession also appeared inconsistent, and sometimes confessed that he had an altercation with his ex-wife, and sometimes confessed that the drug after the feeling of love with his ex-wife, who wanted to kill the man, after waking up to find his ex-wife killed. The original feeling that the ex-wife and other men have sex, I deliberately said." Zhang said that this situation is not true, then just to make yourself feel comfortable to find a reason. According to expert opinion, Zhang was diagnosed as mentally active substance induced mental disorders, although the implementation of illegal acts have abnormal perception experience and delusional ideas, but the drug system self trapping behavior, should be rated as full criminal responsibility. Court, the victim’s sister said she did not want to be held responsible, and the mother has not, and I do not want the child no father". After mediation, the defendant one-time compensation for the loss of close relatives of the victims of economic losses 80 thousand yuan. The families of the victims of crime Zhang expressed understanding, the court agreed to the lenient punishment. Court after trial, the First Instance sentenced to intentional assault sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: