Too wonderful! It is also a life for a man to save a cockroach with a saw and a cleaner! dnf商人吧

Too wonderful! The man saw the cleaner with a saw to save the cockroach! [Abstract] Taiwan man to save the cockroaches, actually saw attacks Cleaner: it is life! Girl again on behalf of the class ~ lasted for 1 and a half years of Nora involving case finally open verdict: Shenzhen Nora technology limited commits the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, sentenced fined one million yuan. Company CEO Wang Xin was sentenced to prison in three years and six months, a fine of one million yuan. Wang Bieku, out of three and a half years after it is a hero! Our only jurisprudence, a search site is light, is not all of the pipe? Did not take the initiative to spread, but have a force sharing technology, you can be sentenced. It seems that we are in China, there is a risk of science and technology ah. Is universally condemned because of the abuse of technical means, recently there is a pile. 12, 2009, Alibaba open staff online moon cake rush activities, the Security Department of the use of technical tools, the programmer of the 4, rewrite the internal process script to buy, brush more than 124 boxes moon cake! After the matter was the company know, that night, several programmers were dismissed. This incident was exposed, it sparked heated debate. Some people support this punishment, that corrupt behavior is not desirable; some people think the punishment is too heavy, but people want to buy a box of moon cake. Fans, what do you think? I want to say that this is also a few buddies Real heart…… Security for any enterprise is a high-voltage wire, who touched who leave, not to mention your own security department…… Man can not be too greedy, in order to box moon cake lost his job, this mistake made like a mental retardation. I think we should engage in more art. Island is a netizen to see three naked drunk sleeping in a dirty room…… This picture is so beautiful I can not see, then netizens put this picture P into painting down here: it seems art really comes from life! Money is not easy, I did not expect the money out of the sky. Shandong Qingdao, Henan village recently ushered in a big welfare! Henan Village neighborhood prepared 5 million cash, to be issued to the villagers! It is said that the cash payment has been in the village for 20 years. More than 2000 villagers issued 1000-2000 yuan per person, the special benefits of individual elderly will be more. Look at the people, unlike other village, the village director and Secretary of the tearful…… It is said that the village of Henan is actually relatively affluent, companies have shops, but now this woman guess social environment, no corruption is unlikely, but it also than those assholes their corruption is not let people drink soup better. I believe we all have the experience of hiding things. Recently, Ms. Lu for housewarming after real Fujian village Shuitou Town of Nanan City, but the move, unaware of the father to call someone to remove the air conditioning, Ms. Lu hidden in the air conditioning pipe beside a pack of jewelry has been "removed" air conditioning industry! It is said that Ms. Lu has been hiding this bag of jewelry for 12 years, which includes the gold ring, gold necklace, such as the value of $40 thousand 14. After reading, I just want to say, I also want to have 11 gold rings! I married a male colleague next to hear this news, scared to look at his own eyes hidden 50 dollars…… But others, Ms. Lu相关的主题文章: