[all color] winner Shuangseqiu 16139 period to prevent even basketball rewrite攻略�

[all color] winner Shuangseqiu 16139 period: to prevent even basketball on the lottery: analysis of 0716202425 30+07 – red hot and cold (nearly ten), thermal analysis (5, 4): from the 10 phase chart can be seen, the trend of heat shortage; nearly 10 number frequency, hot code selection range the heat is limited, beware of 1-2 pieces of code. Recommendation: analysis of 1727 temperature (3, No. 2): can be seen from the chart the current temperature code award nearly 10 active momentum, the number of frequency, temperature range selection code is sufficient, the temperature continues to heat up, Lord 3-4, recommended: 0406070912212631 number of (a cold 1 times, 0 times): as can be seen from the chart, the recent cold need to cover nearly 12 the number, frequency, code number selection range of cold shrink, the cold code attention is expected to continue to stabilize the main number, see 2 yards, recommended: 01141516222432 – Basketball (nearly ten) judging from the even parity. Nearly 10 out of 5 even odd, out of 5, the odd basketball hot, this period to prevent even covering. Recommendation: 10121416139 phase of the comprehensive recommendation: 0609121516212226 8+2 double: 09121521222631 32+12 14相关的主题文章: