Gang camouflage for mobile phone number after mature fraud involving hundreds of money 姉summer

Gang camouflage for mobile phone number after the mature money fraud involving hundreds of suspects were escorted back to Jiangsu correspondent Li Xiang photo police seized the tools of crime correspondent Zhang Bishe, received the message instead of acquaintances, re stored after a few days, he said an acquaintance to borrow money in an emergency. At this time, have you ever thought that the message is really your acquaintance? In fact, this is a scam. Since August this year, the new communication network based on the QQ fraud posing as an acquaintance of fraud quickly spread to many parts of Jiangsu, dozens of people fooled, cheated amount of about 1200000 yuan. In the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau under the unified organization, Nanjing, Wuxi, joint handling Suzhou, Nantong, Zhenjiang, Taizhou and other places of public security organs, the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment organized the case, only 9 suspects for half a month will catch back to Suzhou, including. Correspondent Su Gongxin ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Tao Weizhou the "Acquaintances" change after borrowing a lot of people fooled the noon of August 15th, Suzhou citizens Chen alarm, saying that was posing as an acquaintance cheated 30 thousand yuan. A few days ago, received a text message from Chen to work at the meeting, the general content is: "I am xxx (Chen unit acquaintances), my mobile phone number is changed, this is my new number, please huicun. Please reply." See this message, Chen never doubt, then said he received a reply message. After the acquaintance of the new cell phone number saved, Chen also received a text message sent to each other, there is a personal matter please help me do it, pay attention to confidentiality". Chen felt that acquaintances to help him to do his own thing is a kind of trust, immediately reply, no problem, I would like to ask what is the matter?" The other party sent a text message to say, trouble you to a certain exchange 30 thousand yuan, I am not convenient to come forward with their own names and bank cards to exchange. You can rest assured that I first put the money into your account, you do not have to pay." "30 thousand yuan is not much, usually I have a good relationship with him, and now he let me do private affairs, that is when I was a man." Chen said, when he did not want to immediately transfer. After that, however, he did not receive the acquaintance’s message. Later, when he met this acquaintance only to find that the other did not let their money. In fact, Chen fell into the trap of a liar carefully woven." Jiangsu police, just half a month, Jiangsu Province, more than one after another similar fraud cases, dozens of people were deceived, the loss of more than 120 yuan. It is understood that, after other places in Jiangsu province have also occurred in a similar modus operandi of fraud, dozens of people were deceived, the loss of millions of dollars. The investigation of a week locked Gang mastermind hiding in Guangxi Binyang after receiving the report, Suzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment immediately investigation. Through the collection of 30 thousand yuan Chen Chen bank accounts list, the police found that the money in different regions of the bank card after several toss, and finally into Guangxi, Binyang, and some people have taken away the money. According to this clue, the police immediately sent two investigators rushed to Binyang, Suzhou, tracing the teller. After two days and 6相关的主题文章: