The last part _ Sina Sichuan _ 下北glory days

The last part _ Sina Sichuan _ last time were > > benevolence "patient is weak, the doctor to understand" the evening of 21 to 10, Pan Lao is ready to wash off. According to the custom, he will read the books and periodicals for a while, and at 11, the room lights will be put out on time. But that night, when the lights were out, the room lights were still on. Daughter Pan Hong woke up and shouted father, lying on the side of Pan Lao did not answer, Pan Hongcai found that the father’s breathing, heartbeat has been weak. At 22, 16, Panlaoyin disease rescue invalid, died. Pan Lao’s farewell ceremony was held at 7:30 yesterday morning. In addition to the medical staff on duty, the Department of Urology spontaneously sent Pan Lao the final journey. "A kind old man with no airs at all."." An old pan, Peng said the nurse, younger nurses always called him "Pan grandpa", Pan Lao is always a smiling look. "Father always teaches us to be modest to others and thrifty in life."." As an only daughter, Pan Hong’s memory of his father as a child was that he could not see people all day. "I fell asleep, he didn’t come back, I woke up, and he left again."." But his father’s words and deeds influenced him imperceptibly. Pan Lao’s patience with the patient is also infected with Qiu Mingxing and other students. In 2014, a young patient looked inside and outside the province each big hospital, although the diagnosis result is not serious, but he must get Pan Lao’s address, home attendances. When he was 88 years old, he politely welcomed him into the door, carefully analyzed the illness, and returned the patient’s anxious heart to his stomach. "He often said that patients are weak, and sometimes they are bad because of physical discomfort, as a doctor to understand." Qiu Mingxing said. Pan Cikang has always been with the "pillow book" classical Chinese "" still, and through which the elderly is over peacefully entered another world. 22 days, autumn rain down for a whole day, seems to sigh. Chengdu Business Daily reporter in compliance photos by the provincial hospital and the respondents provided

最后一次别离_新浪四川_新浪网   最后一次别离 >>   医者仁心 “病人是弱者,医生要体谅”   21日晚,不到10点,潘老就洗漱好准备休息了。按照习惯,他会看一会儿书报,到了11点,房间的灯就会按时熄掉。但当晚,已过了熄灯时间,房间的灯却还亮着。女儿潘红起床喊父亲,侧卧着的潘老没有回答,潘红才发现,父亲的呼吸心跳已经微弱。22日零时16分,潘老因病抢救无效,与世长辞。   潘老的告别仪式在昨日上午7点30分举行。泌尿外科除了值班留守的医护人员,都自发地前去送了潘老最后一程。“特别慈祥的一个老人,一点架子都没有。”提起潘老,彭护士说,年龄小的护士总爱喊他“潘爷爷”,潘老也总是一副笑眯眯的样子。   “父亲总是教我们对人要谦和,生活上要勤俭。”作为独生女儿,潘红小时候对父亲的记忆就是整天见不到人,“我睡着了他没回来,我醒了他又走了。”但父亲言行举止,潜移默化地影响着自己。潘老对病人的耐心,也感染着邱明星等学生。2014年,一位年轻的患者看遍了省内外各大医院,虽然诊断结果并不严重,但他非要打听到潘老的住址,上门求诊。时年88岁的潘老客气地将他迎进门,仔细地分析了病情,将病人焦急的心安抚回了肚子。“他常说,病人都是弱者,他们有时态度不好是因为身体不适,作为医生要体谅。”邱明星说。   潘慈康向来手不释卷的“枕边书”《古文观止》犹在,而总摩挲翻阅它的老人却安详地走进了另一个世界。22日,秋雨下了整整一天,似乎也在叹息。   成都商报记者 于遵素 照片由省医院和受访者提供相关的主题文章: