Obama’s $10 a barrel oil tax was hard to get through and bad ideas were approved 耒阳一中贴吧

Obama $10 a barrel of oil to be passed by the number of tax "bad ideas" U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 5 Reuters news Beijing, the White House said on Thursday that President Obama will be presented next week to collect $10 a barrel of crude oil tax proposed revision domestic aging with the money transport infrastructure, but by the hope. These taxes will be paid by the oil companies for five years, and the Republican controlled Congress immediately scoffed at the plan. The tax plan will be at Obama next Tuesday announced the 2017 fiscal year budget officially announced that the government can therefore get nearly 20 billion dollars a year to help the national transportation system upgrade, there will be a year of more than $2 billion to support the development of unmanned vehicles and other low carbon technology projects. Republican lawmakers who have been in conflict with Obama on energy policy have slammed the plan on social media. House majority whip Steve Scalise asked on twitter whether the plan was "Obama’s worst idea"? The 10 dollar tax plan comes at a time when oil prices are going down. Oil prices last month fell below $30 a barrel, the lowest since 2003, because demand is difficult to keep up with the pace of new supply, but also refused to cut global oil producing countries. Oil market traders were very calm, after the announcement, the U.S. crude oil futures CLc1 was flat at about $31.70 a barrel. Continental Resources (CLR.N) and other large American oil companies have little change on Thursday. "Are you kidding?"" WTRG Economics James Williams in Arkansas, said the energy economic analyst. Like most of his people, he thinks the tax is unlikely to pass legislation. "The oil companies are experiencing the worst in more than 25 years of financial crisis, improve the industry cost is unwise," the American Petroleum Institute (IPAA) spokesman Neal Kirby said in a statement. (Lu Tou) editor in chief: Wang Yongsheng SF153

奥巴马每桶10美元石油税难获通过 被批“想法差劲” 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间5日路透报道,白宫周四表示,美国总统奥巴马下周将提出每桶原油征收10美元税的提议,用这笔钱翻修国内日益老化的运输基础设施,但通过的希望渺茫。   这些税负将由石油公司分五年缴纳,由共和党控制的国会随即对这项计划嗤之以鼻。   这项税收计划将会在奥巴马下周二公布的2017财年预算案中正式宣布,政府可因此获得每年将近200亿美元用于帮助全国运输系统升级,另外还将有每年逾20亿美元支持无人驾驶汽车以及其它低碳技术等项目的研发。   一贯在能源政策上与奥巴马冲突的共和党议员在社交媒体上抨击这一计划。众议院多数党党鞭Steve Scalise在推特上问,这项计划是不是“奥巴马最差劲的想法”?   10美元征税计划的提出,恰逢油价暴跌之际。   油价上月跌破每桶30美元,为2003年以来最低,因需求难以跟上新增供应的步伐,而全球产油大国又拒不减产。   石油市场交易员对此颇为淡定,这则消息披露后美国原油期货CLc1持平于约每桶31.70美元。Continental Resources(CLR.N)等美国大型石油生产企业的股价周四几无变动。   “你开玩笑吧?”WTRG Economics在阿肯色州的能源经济分析师James Williams说。和他多数人一样,认为这项税收绝无通过立法的可能。   “目前石油公司正在经历逾25年来最严重的财务危机,提高这个行业成本的做法是不明智的,”美国独立石油协会(IPAA)发言人Neal Kirby在声明中说。(路透) 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章: