Gold Technology Analysis small Yin cross star high level trading continues 声名狼藉的意思

Gold Technology Analysis: small Yin cross star high trading continued spot gold on Tuesday (February 9th) to collect the small Yin cross star. The gold price hit $1199.02 an ounce, down to $1185.50 an ounce. Gold prices fell slightly Tuesday, but the high trading market continued. The average is still supporting the price of gold, it is expected that the uptrend will continue, the key to stand above the 1200 mark. The daily technical indicators, MACD red column kinetic energy still exist, stochastic go flat; Bollinger, gold is located on the top of the rail; the average short-term upward. Gold week Sanya flat basically flat, gold above the preliminary resistance of 1200, below the preliminary support of 1185. Operate carefully and see more. (spot gold daily chart K-line, source: 24K99 graphic analysis, FX168 financial network) long-term trend: the bearish short-term trends: cautious bullish key resistance: 1200.001207.001210.00 key support: 1185.001175.001165.00 13:43 Beijing time, spot gold was quoted at $1191.31 an ounce 1191.11. [analyst strategy: prudent to see more] into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

黄金技术分析:小阴十字星 高位交投持续   现货黄金周二(2月9日)收出小阴十字星。金价最高触及1199.02美元 盎司,最低下探至1185.50美元 盎司。   金价周二小幅回落,但高位交投行情持续。各均线仍对金价构成支撑,预计后市升势将延续,关键要站稳1200关口上方。   日图技术指标上看,MACD红色动能柱犹存,随机指标走平;布林通道中,金价位于上轨上方;短期均线向上。   金价周三亚盘基本走平,黄金上方初步阻力为1200.00,下方初步支撑为1185.00。操作上,谨慎看多。   (现货黄金日图K线,来源:24K99图形分析、FX168财经网)   长期趋势:看跌   短期趋势:谨慎看涨   关键阻力:1200.00,1207.00,1210.00   关键支撑:1185.00,1175.00,1165.00   北京时间13:43,现货黄金报1191.11 1191.31美元 盎司。   【分析师策略:谨慎看多】 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: