China Economic Bulletin a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan more than one project in Tianji 哈尔滨理工大学南区

China Economic Bulletin: a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan more than one project in Tianjin Binhai New Area – Sohu securities Beijing Xinhua News Agency on 15 February,   China economic newsletter a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan more than one project in Tianjin Binhai New Area of Tianjin Binhai New Area responsible person 14 introduction, Aigo digital robot, grand ship manufacturing research and development of 20 core technology a centralized project recently settled in Tianjin Binhai New area. These projects involve auto parts manufacturing, financing lease, commercial factoring, bio pharmaceutical and other related companies stock market trends, the total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan. South Korea became the largest foreign capital source of Shaanxi for the first time, and the data of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce showed that in 2015, 25 enterprises invested in Shaanxi Province completed the contracted foreign capital of 3 billion 415 million US dollars, and Korea became the largest source of foreign capital in Shaanxi for the first time. Shaanxi’s trade with South Korea has also increased rapidly. Xi’an customs figures show that Shaanxi’s trade with South Korea increased by 39.2% over the previous year in 2015. Harbin Electric Power Group and Saudi Arabia enterprises to develop electricity market in Asia and Africa, 14 reporters learned from the Harbin Electric Power Group, its joint with Saudi Arabia International Power and water group investment in the Middle East’s first coal-fired power plant is closely under construction. This is the first time that Chinese companies have entered the Middle East power market with investment, financing and general contracting mode, and the two enterprises will accelerate the development of the sub market and non market. Chongqing SASAC clear "zombie" enterprises this year intends to withdraw from the 200 households to adjust and optimize the layout of state-owned assets, Chongqing city will take decisive measures in state-owned enterprises in the field, the disposal of "zombie" shell companies and enterprises, inefficient assets, and strive to 2016 clean exit 200, 2017 basically completed a clean exit and disposal. Xinhua News Agency 中国经济简讯:总投资近200亿元多个项目落户天津滨海新区-搜狐证券   新华社北京2月15日电   中国经济简讯总投资近200亿元多个项目落户天津滨海新区  天津滨海新区相关负责人14日介绍,爱国者数码机器人、宏大船舶核心技术制造研发等20个项目近日集中落户滨海新区。这些项目涉及汽车零部件制造、融资租赁、商业保理、生物制药等 相关公司股票走势 领域,项目总投资近200亿元。  韩国首次成陕西第一大外资来源地  陕西省商务厅数据显示,2015年韩国在陕投资的25家企业,完成合同外资34.15亿美元,韩国首次成为陕西外资第一大来源地。陕西对韩贸易也快速增长。西安海关的数字显示,2015年陕西对韩贸易总值较上年增长39.2%。  哈电集团联合沙特企业开发亚非电力市场  记者14日从哈电集团获悉,其与沙特国际电力和水务集团共同投资的中东首座燃煤电厂正在紧密筹建当中。这是中国中资公司首次以投融资和总承包模式进入中东电力市场,两家企业将加快对亚、非市场的开发。  重庆清理国资“僵尸”企业 今年拟退出200户  为调整优化国资布局,重庆市将在国企领域采取果断措施,清理处置“僵尸”企业、空壳公司和低效无效资产,力争2016年清理退出200户,2017年基本完成相关清理退出和处置工作。来源新华社)相关的主题文章: