After 60, Pharaoh buy fund to buy a house, like fried shares like fried fund 泉州泰山航海职业学院

After 60, Lao Wang buy fund to buy a house, like fried shares like fried fund, "Sir, your transfer business has been completed, thank you for coming."." The twelfth lunar month twenty-eight, live in the suburbs of Beijing Wang went to the bank, 260 thousand yuan will be transferred to the bank card selling homeowners bank account, plus had already turned to the "big", Wang finally paid a down payment on a house. "He finally got three rooms." Because the family has two daughters, worried about the holidays together daughter-in-law home now two bedroom house in place is not enough, Wang has been contemplating buying a more spacious three bedroom, but the money is not rich. From the end of 2014 to the middle of 2015, a bull market of A stock market, let the "latent long" Pharaoh see the opportunity. Lao Wang has been running a home improvement business storefront, many years of hard work or accumulated some wealth. From 2008 to the stock market, in general, still made a lot of money. With the usual store operation accumulated savings, the house down payment is almost the same. In November 2015, Wang set down a three bedroom house. According to the agreement with the landlord, Lao Wang should pay the remaining first payment to the owner before the spring festival. During this period, Lao Wang has also been planning to buy more funds, so as to reduce the cost of buying a house. In December 2015, Lao Wang spent a portion of his remaining money on a good fund. But the new year’s holiday after the stock market valuation in the fall, Lao Wang’s "wishful thinking" did not play. Although this loss of principal, but also pay the remaining 1629, but as "60 after" Lao Wang had to postpone the retirement plan. "At the beginning of the year, the market was good, thinking that it would retire this spring. Now, let’s wait for another year.". Just buy housing to buy furniture, the pressure will be relatively large." At the same time, Lao Wang is ready to spend more time on investment, including "fund" and "stock", in most cases, it falls every two or three days. If you buy a fund when you invest all the money at a time, when the expected return of redemption, but it is likely because the redemption of funds to the account takes a long time, and missed the time to buy. So I think it might be better to split the money into 2 parts, so that it can be fired like a stock. Only the fund transaction fee is too high, I would also consider a stock account about the same time." By the end of February 12th, Asia Pacific stock markets generally fell during the week of the Chinese Lunar New year. Only 12 days, the Nikkei 225 index fell through 15000 points, the lowest drop to 14865.77 points, the final closing down 4.84%, to close at 14952.61 points, the end of the week trading, the whole week fell by 11.10%, the largest single week decline in nearly 8 years. At the same time, the international price of gold rose by 7.1% a week, the biggest weekly rise since December 2008. Market risk aversion is heating up. Worry about the re discussion of A stock market since January

60后老王先买基金再买房 像炒股票一样炒基金   “先生,您的转账业务已经办完,感谢您的光临。”   腊月二十八,家住北京郊区的老王去了趟银行,将银行卡内的26万元转到了卖房房主的银行账户,加上此前已经转过去的“大头”,老王总算是交齐了房子的首付。“心心念念的三居室终于到手了。”   因为家里有两个女儿,担心节假日女儿女婿们一起回家现在两居室的房子地方不够,老王一直盘算着置办一套更宽敞的三居室,怎奈前期手里的资金并不富裕。2014年末至2015年中旬A股市场的一轮牛市,让“潜伏已久”的老王看到了机会。   老王一直经营着一家从事家装业务的店面,多年辛苦还是积累了一些财富。从2008年开始进入股市,总的来说也还是赚了不少。加上平时店面经营积累的积蓄,房子的首付算是差不多了。   2015年11月,老王定下一套三居室的房子。根据与房主的约定,老王要在春节前将剩余的首付款交给房主。在这期间,老王也一直盘算着再买点基金,以便再降低一些买房成本。   2015年12月,老王将账面上剩余的一部分钱再次投入到挑好的一只基金。但元旦假期过后,股市估值在下降,老王的“如意算盘”也没打成。虽然这一次本金出现亏损,却也还能支付剩余的房款,只不过作为“60后”的老王不得不将退休计划推迟一些。“去年(羊年)年初的时候觉得市场行情不错,想着今年春天差不多就退休了,现在看看还是再等一年吧。刚买完房再置办置办家具,压力会比较大。”   继续奋战的同时,老王准备在投资上多花一些时间,“包括基金和股票在内,大多数情况下是每涨两三天跌一跌。如果买基金的时候一次性投入全部资金,在达到预期收益的时候赎回,但很有可能因为赎回资金到账所需时间长,而错过买入的时机。所以我觉得把资金分为2份交替进行操作可能会好一点,这样就可以像炒股票一样‘炒基金’。只是基金交易的手续费太高,我呢,也考虑差不多的时候开一个股票账户。”   截至2月12日收盘,在中国农历新年的这一周中,亚太股市普遍出现下跌。仅12日,日经225指数跌穿15000点大关,最低下探至14865.77点,最终收盘重挫4.84%,收报14952.61点,结束一周交易,全周累计下跌11.10%,创下近8年以来最大单周跌幅。   与此同时,国际金价一周上涨7.1%,创下2008年12月以来最大单周涨幅。市场的避险情绪正在升温。   顾虑到1月以来A股市场的再度大跌,当前市场心态十分敏感和脆弱,即便老王曾在2015年的震荡中保全收益,但也难免惊出一身冷汗。而春节期间外围市场的暴跌无疑令不少持股过年的投资者有些坐立难安。   随着中国资本市场对外开放程度的增加,外围市场对中国股市的影响因素在增多,影响力度也在逐步扩大,但对中国股市影响最大的,依旧是国内经济的发展。   老王觉得,未来投资仍将对经济的增长做出贡献,因此对于中国经济的前景并无担忧。近期,房地产市场出现复苏态势,这也让老王对店面在2016年的经营有了更高的期望。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: