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MODEL 3 Tesla car next month U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market report from our correspondent (reporter Dong Yuhan) Tesla 100 million yuan the price of so many want to buy electric car owners from today the upcoming Tesla cheap entry models that is expected to sell for about $35 thousand, to expand the potential Car Buying. Tesla CEO eilon musk said, before the new electric vehicles Tesla MODEL 3 will be officially in March 31st to accept reservations, the deposit of $1000, but the production and delivery of the first time will have to wait until 2017, Chinese is temporarily not sure yet scheduled synchronization. According to the latest annual report released by Tesla in 2015, Tesla cumulative loss of $889 million, compared with the previous year’s net loss of $294 million expanded. Since its inception in 2003, Tesla has not yet realized the annual profit. Last year, Tesla MODEL S sales in the United States 25202, compared with last year soared 51.01%, ranked first in the U.S. luxury car sales list. But Tesla released 2016 full year outlook is quite optimistic, expects the company’s global electric vehicle delivery will increase by 78% this year, the total number of electric vehicles delivered will reach 80 thousand to 90 thousand, exceeding the market average of 76 thousand and 200 vehicles expected. The MODEL 3 models as the Tesla brand entry models, locked competitors for the BMW 3 series, Mercedes Benz C and Jaguar XE models, the price is expected to be around $35 thousand, the subsidized price of approximately $25 thousand, Tesla hopes to use the MODEL 3 models into the main stream of automobile consumption market. In addition, Tesla also said that the company’s energy department has installed the first batch of household energy storage battery Powerwall in the United States, Australia and Germany, similar to a "super charging treasure", to provide backup power for the family, in low power storage power generation at the peak for a part of alternating current. Editor in chief: Ji Yan

特斯拉新车MODEL 3下月发布 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   本报讯(记者 董禹含)特斯拉近百万元人民币的售价让不少想购买电动汽车的车主望而却步,现今特斯拉即将推出廉价的入门款车型,售价预计约为3.5万美元,以拓展潜在购车者。   特斯拉CEO埃隆・马斯克日前表示,特斯拉新款电动车型MODEL 3将于3月31日正式接受预订,定金为1000美元,但是量产和首批交付时间还得等到2017年,中国是否可同步预定暂时还不确定。   根据特斯拉最新公布的2015年全年财报,特斯拉累计亏损为8.89亿美元,较上年的净亏损2.94亿美元有所扩大。自2003年创办至今,特斯拉尚未实现过年度盈利。去年特斯拉MODEL S在美国的销量为25202辆,相比去年猛增51.01%,在美国市场豪华车型销量排行榜中名列榜首。但特斯拉发布的2016年全年展望相当乐观,预计公司今年的全球电动车交付量将增长78%,今年公司电动车交付总量将达到8万辆至9万辆,超过市场平均预计的7.62万辆。   MODEL 3车型作为特斯拉品牌的入门车型,竞争对手锁定为宝马3系、奔驰C级以及捷豹XE等车型,售价预计会在3.5万美元左右,享受补贴后价格约为2.5万美元,特斯拉希望借助MODEL 3车型进入汽车主流消费市场。   此外,特斯拉还表示,公司的能源部门已经在美国、澳大利亚和德国安装了首批家用储能电池Powerwall,类似于一块“超级充电宝”,能够为家庭提供备用电源,在用电低谷时储电,在高峰期替代一部分交流电使用。 责任编辑:吉言相关的主题文章: