Toshiba will cut about 10 thousand jobs, mainly involving home appliances and semiconductor sectors 福建江夏学院教务网

Toshiba will lay off about 10 thousand people, mainly involving home appliances and semiconductor division of sina Francisco February 4th afternoon message, according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported, the Toshiba Co announced the 4 fiscal year 2015 lowered performance expectations, the net loss is expected from the previous 550 billion yen (about 30 billion 600 million yuan) to 710 billion yen (about 39 billion 600 million yuan). At the same time, Toshiba will cut about 10 thousand people in the home appliance and semiconductor sectors, and computer and white appliances business is seeking to integrate with other companies. Affected by the scandal of financial fraud, Toshiba’s profitability has fallen sharply, and the huge loss that is already at its worst level will continue to expand. Toshiba released last December fiscal year Yukui announcement, in just 1 months after being forced to cut again performance. After the net loss of 37 billion 800 million yen in fiscal year 2014, Toshiba will fall into a quagmire for 2 consecutive years. At the same time, Toshiba announced in 2015 4-12 months from the previous year’s net profit of 107 billion 200 million yen down to a net loss of 479 billion 400 million yen. (Ding Zhuang)

东芝将裁员约1万人:主要涉及家电和半导体部门   新浪科技讯 2月4日下午消息,据日本共同社报道,东芝公司4日宣布调降2015财年业绩预期,把净亏损预期从此前的5500亿日元(约合人民币306亿元)扩大至7100亿日元(约合人民币396亿元)。同时,东芝将在家电和半导体等部门裁员约1万人,电脑及白色家电业务正在寻求与其他公司的业务整合。   受财务造假丑闻影响,东芝的盈利能力严重下滑,本已处在历史最差水平的巨额亏损仍将进一步扩大。东芝去年12月发布财年预亏公告,在短短1个多月后被迫再次下调业绩。继2014财年净亏损378亿日元后,东芝将连续2年陷入亏损泥潭。   同时,东芝公布的2015年4-12月业绩从上年同期的净利润1072亿日元下滑至净亏损4794亿日元。(丁壮)相关的主题文章: