The driver drops out at night after the roadside caught smashing windows theft stolen goods inventor 吉林东北虎吧

The driver drops out at night after the roadside hit car theft was arrested when counting the loot drops off the driver at night after roadside hit car theft was counted stolen vigil red handed police reporter (reporter Yang Yu correspondent Ding Qigang Ding Pei) as a man using a taxi drops the driver of the machine, to pay off the debt and car loans, each night out after use break the glass and slingshot roadside parking on the roadside car theft of property, stolen goods is counted, Dongxihu Wujiashan Street police station the police caught the vigil. Currently, GUI has been detained by the police in accordance with the law. A 25 year old GUI, live in brick and tile factory village Zhang Duhu farm in Xinzhou district. At the beginning of April this year, Guangxi through a loan, bought a TOYOTA sedan in the taxi drops business. Recently, due to Gui owe a friend a sum of money, plus monthly return car loan, GUI decided to take advantage of the opportunity to travel overnight taxi, theft of roadside parking vehicles property debt. In October 8th 2 in the morning, a visitor to Guangxi drive Dongxihu Wujiashan two street Nga Road, the vehicle parked in a secluded place, he wore face masks, peaked cap, with powerful catapult began looking for targets of crime. When you go to a hotel parking lot in one street of Wu Qing Street, you can find a bulging backpack on the back seat of a nonlocal car. Guangxi to take advantage of a vehicle surrounding unmanned machine, this car will use powerful catapult after the glass shattered, steal the backpack, quickly came near Dongxihu Wujiashan street fortana district a shop front property inventory, found a black backpack in a notebook computer. At this time, the night patrol point section of the Dongxihu Public Security Bureau Wu Shan Street police station Li Wei, Ruan Hao found that people wearing a peaked cap, face masks Gui Gui a suspicious appearance and movements, summoned to the police station to review. GUI truthfully confessed the use of slingshot shot broken car glass theft value of more than 4500 yuan laptops and other property crimes. GUI also confessed that since the end of September this year, the taxi drops at night out of the machine, many car theft of property worth more than million criminal facts. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

滴滴司机夜里送客后路边砸车窗盗窃 清点赃物时被抓   “滴滴”司机夜里送客后路边砸车窗盗窃   清点赃物时被夜巡民警人赃俱获   本报讯(记者杨蔚 通讯员丁其刚 丁珮)男子利用担任滴滴打车司机之机,为还清债务及车贷,夜间每次送客后用弹弓击碎路边停放车辆玻璃而盗窃车内财物,在路边清点赃物时,被东西湖区吴家山街派出所夜巡民警人赃俱获。目前,桂某已被警方依法予以刑事拘留。   今年25岁的桂某,家住新洲区张渡湖农场砖瓦厂村。今年4月初,桂某通过贷款方式,购得一辆丰田牌轿车从事滴滴打车业务。近期,因桂某欠朋友一笔钱,再加上每月还要还车贷,桂某决定利用滴滴打车夜间出行的机会,盗窃路边停放车辆内的财物还债。   10月8日凌晨2点,桂某驾车送客至东西湖区吴家山街二雅路后,将车辆停放在一僻静处,自己则戴上鸭舌帽、脸戴口罩,携带强力弹弓开始寻找作案目标。当桂某行至东西湖区吴家山街一清路一家酒店停车场时,发现一辆外地轿车后排座上放有一个鼓起的双肩包。桂某趁车辆周边无人之机,使用强力弹弓将这辆轿车后玻璃击碎,盗得双肩包后,快速来到东西湖吴家山街富丽雅小区附近的一处商铺门前清点财物,发现双肩包内有一部黑色笔记本电脑等财物。   此时,夜间巡逻至此路段的东西湖公安分局吴家山街派出所民李伟、阮浩发现头戴鸭舌帽、脸戴口罩的桂某形迹可疑,将桂某传唤至派出所审查。桂某如实交待了使用弹弓射碎轿车玻璃盗窃价值4500多元笔记本电脑等财物的违法犯罪事实。桂某还交待了自今年9月底以来,利用滴滴打车夜间送客之机,多次盗窃车内财物价值逾万元的违法犯罪事实。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: