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Oil price adjustment window opens today or two rising this year the largest increase in new network news agency – Photo by Wu Junjie " src=" 20160831; 201683117413.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data figure. Wu Junjie agency issued photo " > data figure. Wu Junjie agency issued photo Beijing, Beijing, September 1, (Qiu Yu) a new round of domestic oil price adjustment window will open on September 1st 24. As the international oil prices continue to rise, a number of institutions predict domestic oil prices will usher in "two consecutive rise", the biggest increase since this year. There is little difference in the domestic oil price rise among the major institutions. Longzhong information is expected this to raise gasoline and diesel 220-230 yuan per ton, equivalent to about 0.16-0.20 yuan per liter. WWW is expected to increase 220 yuan per ton, JOYOU information is expected to increase 240 yuan ton. Since 2016, domestic oil prices have experienced 16 times of price adjustment window. The total price of gasoline was reduced by 515 yuan and the price of diesel was 500 yuan; the price of gasoline increased by 780 yuan, and the price of diesel was 755 tons. "If the price increase rate of total cash, gasoline and diesel will be broken, is nearly two times the" reduction, Longzhong Information Analyst Wang Qianqian said that the price adjustment or the biggest gain since this year. In the current valuation cycle, the international oil price shocks around 47-49 U. S. dollars per barrel. At the close of August 30th, the U.S. WTI crude oil futures fell $0.63 to $46.35 a barrel, while Brent crude futures fell 0.89 dollars to $48.37 a barrel. Zhu Yinghua, an information analyst at JOYOU, said that although the international oil price has gone down recently, the overall price of crude oil has been raised due to the relatively high crude oil at the beginning of this cycle. Wang Qianqian believes that the current round of price rise is mainly due to oil producers may reach a good agreement on the freezing agreement, the OPEC meeting before September, the news of the freeze agreement continues to ferment, oil prices will also have slightly climbing space. She pointed out that the implementation of the price adjustment, the main domestic refined oil wholesale and retail price difference is expected to expand, then the gas station retail profits will continue high, and later will usher in the "golden nine silver ten" the traditional peak season, sales will have certain promotion, is expected in the three quarter of PetroChina and Sinopec retail profit will continue to rise. International crude oil price trend in the first half of 2016. Source: JOYOU information, the next round of oil price adjustment window will open at 24 in September 18th. International oil prices are unlikely to continue to rise sharply. JOYOU information analysts Sangxiao said, in the absence of Iran, Iraq and other member states with the situation, the possibility of other OPEC members cut or limited production of small, even if the current limited production, producers of oil production are maintained at a high level, the excess supply of oil in short period is still difficult to improve the situation. "Plus the Fed."

油价调价窗口今日开启 或“二连涨”创今年最大涨幅-中新网 中新社发 武俊杰 摄" src=" 2016 0831 201683117413.jpg" style="border:px solid #000000" title="资料图。中新社发 武俊杰 摄" > 资料图。中新社发 武俊杰 摄   中新网北京9月1日电 (邱宇)国内新一轮成品油调价窗口将于9月1日24时开启。由于国际油价不断回升,多家机构预测国内油价将迎来“二连涨”,创下今年以来最大涨幅。   各大机构对国内油价上涨幅度的预测差别不大。隆众资讯预计本次汽柴油上调220-230元 吨,折合每升约0.16-0.20元。卓创资讯预计上调220元 吨,中宇资讯预计上调240元 吨。   2016年以来,国内油价共经历16次调价窗口。累计下调汽油价格515元 吨,柴油价格500元 吨;上调汽油价格780元 吨,柴油价格755元 吨。   “若此次调价兑现,汽柴油合计上调幅度将破千,是下调幅度的近两倍”,隆众资讯分析师王倩倩说,本次调价或创下今年以来最大涨幅。   本轮计价周期内,国际油价在每桶47-49美元左右震荡。截至8月30日收盘时,当日,美国WTI原油期货跌0.63美元,报每桶46.35美元;布伦特原油期货跌0.89美元,报每桶48.37美元。   中宇资讯分析师朱英华说,虽然国际油价近日走跌,但由于本周期初国际原油处于相对高位,整体抬高了原油移动均价。   王倩倩认为,本轮涨价主要得益于产油国有可能达成冻产协议的利好预期,在欧佩克会议9月召开之前,冻产协议的消息持续发酵,油价还将有小幅攀升空间。   她指出,调价落实后,国内主营成品油批零价差有望扩大,届时加油站零售利润将延续高位,加之后期将迎来“金九银十”传统旺季,销售量将有一定提升,预计三季度中石油和中石化的零售利润同比仍将上涨。 2016年上半年国际原油价格走势图。来源:中宇资讯   下一轮成品油调价窗口将于9月18日24时开启。多家机构预计国际油价难以持续大幅上扬。   中宇资讯分析师桑潇表示,在缺乏伊朗、伊拉克等成员国配合的情况下,其他欧佩克成员国减产或限产的可能性不大,即便限产,目前产油国石油产出大多维持在高位,油市供应过剩的局面短期仍难改善。   “再加上美联储加息预期增强等因素,国际油价上行阻力较大”,桑潇说,9月份国际油价将在50美元 桶附近价位运行。   对此,卓创原油分析师高健持有相似观点。他说,供应过剩问题会对油价施加新一轮压力,与此同时,美元走强以及多头的利空影响有望产生叠加效应,原油或出现回落,40-50美元的区间运行模式还会延续。(完)相关的主题文章: