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The last " Genzheng Miao red " Lamborghini are selling? Introduction: the last one not attached to the public, really belongs to Lamborghini’s own Diablo SV, after all, not "hold" will be auctioned. (article source: Car Chronicles) pay attention to the public number, "tune with tune", see more wonderful original content! 1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV, is about to take over before the Volkswagen Group Lamborghini, Lamborghini finally pulled out of Sant’Agata factory. It is reported that it will be in the "Practical Classics" magazine and classic vintage car repair show, accompanied by Silverstone auction, Bermingham into the International Exhibition Center, March 6th auction. The 1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV is also the last Diablo SV that goes down the production line, so it has far-reaching implications for Lamborghini. Valuation: between 150 thousand and -17 million? (1 million 380 thousand? -157 million)?. 1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV this "V12 SVR" was December 21, 1999 factory, and then Lamborghini project shut down. In the past few months, the mass group only controlled Lamborghini financially, but at the end of the year, it became a turning point in the fortunes of the cattle family. At the beginning of 2000, the Italian’s sense of blood and crazy charm were replaced by the Germanic efficiency and reason. This car right version of Lamborghini Diablo SV, is traveling 51500 kilometers, Silverstone auction also confirmed: paint, interior paint, pearlescent orange red black and gray Alcantara leather and synthetic materials are mixed inside the factory produced. The car also comes with the original Lamborghini kit, a full range of tools, the original tire inflator, as well as a set of luxurious Red Embroidery Custom made wool Lamborghini logo, as far as possible to keep it in the original factory state. The Diablo SV has an excellent condition beyond its age, and feels very good driving. In 2013, more than 10000 pounds (92633 RMB) were spent on the repair of suspension and shock absorber, but also icing on the cake. In 2013 by Grimaldi Engineering of the suspension geometry adjustment complete, January 2016 for major maintenance, and by the Ministry of transport vehicle. In 1996 1996, Lamborghini Diablo SV, Lamborghini Diablo SVR 1999, Lamborghini Diablo GTR Lamborghini Lamborghini founder fee Angelo Europe? "To celebrate the centenary of the birth of Lamborghini founder Diablo Manniu this commendable masterpiece, it is delightful. Have a Diablo SV for most people is just a dream, but if the price is in your account, the Lamborghini "demon" absolutely has a people can not refuse e

最后一台"根正苗红"的兰博基尼 清仓抛售?   导语:最后一辆不依附于大众,真正属于兰博基尼自己的Diablo SV,终究没“屏住”要被拍卖了。(文章来源:名车志) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   1999款兰博基尼Diablo SV,算是大众集团全盘接管兰博基尼之前,最后驶出圣亚加塔工厂的兰博基尼。据悉,它将在《Practical Classics》杂志修复老爷车与经典车展中,在银石拍卖行的陪同下,驶入伯明翰国际会展中心,3月6日进行拍卖。 1999款兰博基尼Diablo SV   也是最后一台驶下生产线的Diablo SV,所以,对兰博基尼来说意义深远。   估价:15万?-17万?(138万?-157万?)之间。 1999款兰博基尼Diablo SV   这辆“V12 SVR”是1999年12月21日出厂的,随后兰博基尼项目就停工了。在此之前的几个月,大众集团只是财务上控制着兰博基尼,但这也是在这一年年末,成了 牛家命运的转折点。2000年初,意大利人在超跑上倾注的意式血统、疯狂造型魔力,变被日耳曼人的效率与理性所取代了。   这辆右舵版兰博基尼Diablo SV,也只是行驶了51,500公里,银石拍卖行也确认了:车漆内饰、珠光橙红色漆、黑灰色的皮革及Alcantara合成材料相混的内装均为原厂出品。 随车还附带原厂的兰博基尼工具包、全套工具、原厂轮胎充气机,以及一套极尽奢华的、绣着兰博基尼徽标的红色手工定制羊毛车衣,尽可能让它保持着原厂状态。   这辆Diablo SV有着超越其车龄的优秀车况,驾驶感觉非常好。2013年的时候,曾花费超过10,000英镑(92,633人民币)进行悬架及减震器的修复,更是锦上 添花。2013年还由Grimaldi Engineering进行了完整的悬架几何调整,2016年1月进行大型保养,并通过了交通运输部车检。 1996年,兰博基尼Diablo SV 1996年,兰博基尼Diablo SVR 1999年,兰博基尼Diablo GTR 费鲁吉欧?兰博基尼 兰博基尼创始人   “能够以Diablo蛮牛这个为人称道的代表作来庆祝兰博基尼创始人的百年诞辰,实在是让人欣喜。拥有一辆Diablo SV对绝大部分人来说只是梦想,但如果售价在你的考虑范围内,那这台兰博基尼“恶魔”绝对有着让人无法拒绝的魅力。”――银石拍卖行的总经理Nick Whale相关的主题文章: