but the price is higher than the daily limit intraday repurchase cannot continue to repurchase 神的重生

Don’t panic: the art of arbitrage investors stake to grasp Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through Sina level2 market mechanism cards Hong Kong News February 4th news, Hongkong economic daily session was the "investment" column coordinates, oil prices over $thirty again on the occasion, the U.S. service sector ISM (Purchasing Manager) index fell to 53.5, far less than expected, driving stocks continued to fall in the afternoon at once, only to mixed. The index of service industry is still in the 50 line on the ups and downs, but has been nearly a year low, makes people worry about manufacturing contraction gradually spread service industry. In addition, the number of new employees in private enterprises is still two hundred thousand, reflecting the labor market is still strong; in the capital market, the market data interpretation right by the big control, after the Kongming is easy. Earlier, Hong Kong stocks follow the night before U.S. stocks fell more than 400 points, and fell below nineteen thousand points, although the mainland stock market temporarily out of stability, the Shanghai index hold 2700 level. The global stock market is still a badly frightened person, want to find an excuse, but I think it is still not too panic, more important is the proportion of cash holdings and to have a good grasp. Japanese Pinball (06889) shares of DYNAM continue to become parties chasing strong stocks, shares rose to 9.9 yuan, and the level of earlier promotion, nearly 20% profit, holding friends and faithful read most of them think that there is still room for growth. After the closing, the company announced in 9.4 yuan to buy six thousand shares, do not want to buy, but the price is higher than the daily limit intraday repurchase cannot continue to repurchase, the repurchase price will increase again on Thursday, the market is taking a "forced high prices to buy back shares" means to continue to stir fry. I have a small amount of discipline began to sell arbitrage, is now the highest selling touch the top 9.94 yuan, higher selling is temporarily put out, it seems, have the opportunity to sell higher tomorrow. Thus, hold special factors of good stock, can ignore market fluctuations. The weakness of the niche (00240) in Hei surplus after today rebound 8% closing, I think the amount of holdings yesterday, only preliminary rebound, in the course of buying when the price, rather than chase into too fast. For niche, I also hope that it will rise slightly after the big city, and can collect more before announcing performance. Bi Shengyuan (00926) due to the company’s stock price fell, the end of the repurchase, I continued to collect in the post, I believe there will be a brilliant performance, however, the recent stock market obviously sell goods, the company did not repurchase "cough", reflecting the PETER continue to buy, is a little love for the company. The preferred shares of gold (00528) was lower PETER public evaluation, the taboo, but yesterday saw the market to support the market, the more far away from the target price of 1.9 yuan, the more attractive. Yesterday, the market fell slightly impact on my love shares, such as Biguiyuan (02007) continue to buy back, although also fell three square, but still closed at 2.97 yuan. It is also important to note that the December companies have entered the sensitive period to "temporarily not repurchase", therefore, if you want to buy flat goods waiting for good performance, can also be suspended when low repurchase. On the global theory

套利的艺术:投资者别慌 持股比例要把握好 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月4日消息,曾广标在香港经济日报专栏《投资坐标》称,油价再次在三十美元争持之际,美国服务业ISM(采购经理)指数回落至53.5,远逊预期,带动美股晚上一度继续回落,午市才转为好淡争持。服务业指数虽仍在50荣枯线之上,但已是近一年的低位,使人们担心制造业的收缩逐渐波及服务行业。另外,私企的新增员工人数仍有二十万,反映出劳工市场仍旺盛;在资金市,市场数据解读权由大户操控,事后孔明很容易。较早时,港股跟随早一晚美股大跌四百多点,又跌穿一万九千点,尽管内地股市暂时喘稳,上证指数守住2700水平。   环球股市仍属惊弓之鸟,想找借口调整,但我认为,仍不用过分恐慌,更重要是持股和持现金的比例要把握得好。   日本弹珠股DYNAM(06889)继续成为各方追逐的强势股,股价升上9.9元,与较早前推介时的水位,已有接近两成利润,持股的朋友和读友们大部分都认为仍有上升空间。收市后,公司宣布在9.4元回购了六千股,不是不想多买,而是股价高于其每日回购的限价而即日无法继续回购,周四的回购限价会再提升,市场是采取“迫高回购价”的手法把股价继续炒上。   我则开始守纪律陆续少量沽出套利,最高是即日摸顶沽9.94元,更高位的卖盘则暂时沽不出,看来,明天还有机会沽更高。由此可见,持有具特殊因素的好股票,根本可不用理会大市升跌。   积弱的利基(00240)在盈喜后即日反弹8%收市,我昨日适量增持,认为只是初步反弹,当然在买入时也限价,而不愿过急追入。对于利基,我也希望它急升后会随大市稍为回落,可以在宣布业绩前收集更多。   碧生源(00926)由于公司结束回购,股价又回落,我在低位继续收集,相信会有亮丽业绩,不过,该股近期明显有大盘沽货,公司回购也未能“止咳”,反映出PETER继续买入,是有点儿对该公司厚爱。   首选股金达(00528)被PETER公开调低评估,本属大忌,但昨日见有大盘护盘,说明了越是远离1.9元目标价,越会有吸引力。   昨日的跌市对我的爱股影响轻微,例如碧桂园(02007)继续回购,虽也要跌三格,但仍收于2.97元。但也要留意,十二月结的公司陆续进入敏感期,快要“暂不能回购”,因此,若想买平货等待靓业绩,也可待暂停回购时才低吸。   在环球跌市之际,人心惶惶,低处好似未算低,而由于短线买卖必须订止蚀盘,因此,读友会亦有指出,还是“少做少错”好一些,对此,我没有异议。   此时此刻,只宜抓紧低风险的机会,例如早前当有大规模回购跟尾时,在八元许买入弹珠股,便是好机会,我在本栏曾数次提及该股不怕“越买越低”,不少朋友和读友,近期都是靠此股保住实力,有朋友甚至承认,这是新年后第一只胜出的股票。持续反弹之际,亦有至爱亲友叹当日买得不多,然而,有早知,早就发达了,若果我早知利基会发盈喜,我早就买重货,不用昨天才增持。   事实上,早前下跌时,我手上的利基有买有卖,基本上是减持,现时是属于回补而已,因此,此股玩短线我也玩得不好。而正如格雷厄姆教落,短炒与价值投资无关,只是投机买卖而已!   另一只更加靠估的股票是远大中国(02789),有读友称,买此股犹如买大小,有息派便劲派彩,无息派便输清光,这是有点儿夸张;应该说,若如往年派高息必定大幅反弹,若不派或仅派一仙之类,则短线要预防股价再被腰斩,因此,这是博彩,我却相信,就算到时真的再腰斩,我很可能仍会继续吸纳。当然,我的“迷恋”绝对不宜跟随! 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: