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FXCM (FXCM): Deutsche Bank announced plans to buy risk sentiment improved, better than expected U.S. retail prices rose by the market risk sentiment improved, European stock index rose, the yen almost lower overall. Deutsche Bank announced that it will buy back $5 billion 400 million worth of shares and bonds. Oil prices rebounded sharply to 12.3%, a record 7 years, the biggest one-day rise. The United States in January retail data better than expected, GDP Now raised the U.S. first quarter GDP growth forecast to 2.7% days. The deputy governor of the central bank: with greater determination to fight deflation Friday market risk sentiment finally improved: European and American stock index and German debt, U.S. bond yields rebounded sharply, the high price of gold currencies on a narrow range of finishing; almost all the yen lower, the euro, the Swiss Franc fell against the dollar and other currencies against the dollar is still the main way to maintain the shock consolidation, Jones -FXCM The basket dollar index rose to 12040. Deutsche Bank, which is now the latest market storm, officially announced today that it will buy back $5 billion 400 million worth of stocks and bonds, directly stimulating the recovery of the overall risk sentiment, and the bank’s share price has risen by 12% today. The sharp rebound in oil prices today also helped to pick up market sentiment. Nymex crude oil contract closing price in March rose 3.23 U.S. dollars or 12.3%, a single day increase hit the largest in 7 years. Yesterday, the market once again circulated OPEC to discuss the reduction of production news, although analysts generally doubt its feasibility, but oil prices are temporarily divorced from yesterday’s nearly 13 years low 26.03 dollars barrel. At the same time, the United States in January retail data better performance: ring growth of 0.2%, higher than the market expected flat. The GDP Now model of the Federal Reserve in Atlanta subsequently increased the U.S. GDP growth rate from 2.5% to 2.7% in the first quarter of the year, and raised the growth rate of the first quarter consumer spending forecast to 3.2% in the United states. Steady good information will undoubtedly help market sentiment. On Friday, the Central Bank of Japan, government officials and important members of the speech, no means to contain the sharp rise in the yen in the past two weeks. Vice governor of the central bank in the period of Naka Sohiro said, will resolve to fight deflation, the negative interest rate policy and for the end of January launch of the defense: negative interest rate policy to deflation, the negative interest rate policy mentality ablation provides space for further stimulus, fully convinced that the negative interest rate policy will help boost the economy. In the middle of the day, the dollar and yen have reached a high point of 113.54. This week the market is likely to continue around to Deutsche Bank as the representative of the European banking sector, oil price fluctuations, the risk of important events on Monday, Delagi spoke Thursday morning’s fed meeting minutes; in addition, Japan’s four quarter GDP report, the British CPI new round of wage employment data, and some data of the risk China also worthy of attention. (FXCM) 2016-2-15 into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

福汇(FXCM):德银宣布回购计划风险情绪改善,油价大涨美国零售好于预期   ★市场风险情绪改善,欧美股指大涨,日元几乎全盘走低   ★德意志银行宣布将回购价值54亿美元的股票、债券   ★油价大幅反弹12.3%,创下7年来最大单日涨幅   ★美国1月零售资料好于预期,GDP Now上调美国一季度GDP增速预测至2.7%   ★日央行副行长:将以更大的决心抗击通缩   周五市场风险情绪终于改善:欧、美股指及德债、美债收益率大幅反弹,金价高位窄幅整理;汇市上日元几乎全盘走低,欧元、瑞郎兑美元回落,其它货币兑美元仍主要维持震荡整理,道钟斯-FXCM一篮子美元指数回升至12040档。   做为近期市场风暴眼的德意志银行今天正式宣布将回购价值54亿美元的股票、债券,直接刺激了整体风险情绪的回升;该银行股价今天大涨了12%。   油价今天大幅反弹也帮助了市场情绪的回升。Nymex原油3月合约收盘结算价上涨3.23美元或12.3%,单日涨幅创下7年来最大。昨日市场再次流传OPEC讨论减产的消息,虽然分析师普遍怀疑其可行性,但油价还是暂时脱离了昨日触及的近13年低位26.03美元 桶。   与此同时,美国1月零售资料的表现较好:环比增长0.2%、高于市场预期的持平。亚特兰大联储的GDP Now模型在其后将美国一季度的GDP增速预测由周二的2.5%上调至2.7%;将美国一季度的消费支出增速预测上调至3.2%。良好的美国资料无疑有助于市场情绪的持稳。   上周五日本央行、政府官员及重要议员纷纷发表讲话,无一不在遏制近两周大幅走高的日元。时段内日央行副行长中曾宏表示,将以更大的决心抗击通缩,并且为1月底推出的负利率政策进行辩护:负利率政策旨在消融通缩心态、负利率政策提供了进一步刺激的空间、完全相信负利率政策将有助于提振经济。美元 日元在中曾宏讲话后进一步上行、触及日内高点113.54。   本周市场可能继续围绕着以德意志银行为代表的欧洲银行业、油价而波动,重要的事件风险关注周一的德拉吉讲话、周四凌晨的美联储会议纪要;另外,日本四季度GDP初值报告、英国新一轮CPI 就业-工资资料,以及中国的一些资料风险也值得关注。   福汇(FXCM)   2016-2-15 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: