after two extended recruitment period 娃娃亲珞雨

The January issue of the new fund’s previous decline – fund channel newspaper news (reporter Qi Yanbing) since the start of A shares deduction version 3 stock market crash, cautious investors, the issue of the new fund will be cool. Statistics show that in January, a total of 23 equity funds were established, the scale of 7 billion 941 million yuan, the number and scale of the issue decreased significantly compared with the previous period. The statistics of Kay stone financial products research center show that in January, a total of 23 equity funds were established, and the scale of funds raised was 7 billion 941 million yuan, which was far from the market performance of 59 products established in 2015 December. Investors risk appetite sharply reduced, choose capital preservation fund to hedge, January fixed income fund set up 15, raised funds 29 billion 338 million yuan, the number of set up and raise the scale in the history of the average upward level, but also reduced by half than last year in December. The number of new funds plunged, and the scale of the first offering was poor. Data show that in January the first raised size in more than 1 billion yuan of funds almost all guaranteed funds, and equity offerings of the first scale is almost below 1 billion yuan, 70% new fund size is still less than 500 million yuan, many new funds have to extend the raise period. In January, 16 new funds announced to extend the raise period, which has become one of the largest monthly funds to be extended in history. Among them, China Merchants Kangtai pension mix announced that the original plan from January 6th to January 29th to raise, the raising period extended to February 2nd, BOCOM Schroder announced the extension of superior return raising period to February 5th, ICBC Credit Suisse Equity fund raised in the logistics industry started in December 21st last year, the recruitment period is extended to February 25th. Harvest intelligent car equity fund began to subscribe in December 24, 2015, the original raise deadline is January 20, 2016, after two extended recruitment period, the raise deadline has been pushed to the spring festival.

1月份新基金发行遇冷 较前期大幅下降-基金频道   本报讯(记者齐雁冰)开年以来A股演绎3.0版股灾,投资者趋于谨慎,新基金发行随之降温。统计数据显示,1月份权益类基金共成立23只,规模79.41亿元,发行数量、规模均较前期大幅下降。   凯石金融产品研究中心的统计数据显示,1月份权益类基金共成立23只,募集资金规模79.41亿元,与2015年12月份成立59只产品的市场表现相差甚远。投资者风险偏好急剧降低,纷纷选择保本基金来避险,1月份固定收益类基金共成立15只,募得资金293.38亿元,成立数量和募集规模处于历史平均偏上水平,不过比去年12月份也减少了一半。   新基金数量骤降,首募规模也表现不佳。数据显示,1月份首募规模在10亿元以上的基金几乎全是保本基金,而权益类产品的首募规模几乎都在10亿元以下,七成新成立基金规模尚不足5亿元,不少新基金不得不延长募集期。1月份已经有16只新基金宣布延长募集期,成为历史上延长募集基金最多的一个月。其中,招商康泰养老混合公告称,原计划于1月6日至1月29日进行募集,现将募集期延长至2月2日,交银施罗德卓越回报宣布延长募集期至2月5日,工银瑞信物流产业股票基金于去年12月21日开始募集,将募集期延长至2月25日。嘉实智能汽车股票型基金从2015年12月24日开始认购,原定募集截止日为2016年1月20日,经过两次延长募集期,募集截止日已推至春节之后。相关的主题文章: