down 1.1%. For the next trend of the market and investors concerned about stocks 满清十大刑酷骑木驴

A shares diving from the end of the three Yang initiation: transfer positions are subject to 2850 fixed investment securities Sohu – Sohu Securities News February 18th, out of the market down trend, the stock index fell slightly to stop three positive, as of the close, the Shanghai composite index reported 2862.89 points, down 4.45 points, or 0.16%, turnover of 230 billion 800 million yuan; the newspaper Shenzhengchengzhi 10116.4 points, down 45.37 points, or 0.45%, turnover of 359 billion 800 million yuan; the gem index reported 2190.91 points, down 1.1%. For the next trend of the market and investors concerned about stocks, Sohu securities invited the teacher to live in a live room for investors to answer questions. Initiation teacher is a professional investor who has been engaged in stock research for a long time, has many years of practical experience in the market, and is good at judging the market trend from the psychological game point of view. Early published articles related to the stock market in many newspapers and magazines, was "the stock market dynamic analysis" columnist, and novel "millionaire" series, "sniper" series of strong stock still by the majority of readers love, and in 2014 the "stock market red week" cooperation between the stock market novels "column through the limit". The following is the initiation of teachers live essence summary:         morning we had to remind everyone that the oil market trading yesterday to prop up the market for natural enemy planes is not what it seems a good phenomenon. Indeed although opened across the board, the index is still at a strong shock, the more obvious differences between long and short. Gem in the fierce shock, down to challenge 2200 points integer support, but also dragged down the Shanghai stock index showed a downward trend, does it mean that the big related company stock market rebound rebound suddenly? Can today’s 20 day moving average be confirmed effective? The actual situation today the trend may just passable stimulation effect in 2008, there will be no future, history is not easy to repeat, to speak from this, railway stocks can rise, but can not stand in the economic stimulus plan idea up rise, logic itself is wrong, its sustainability as can be imagined. Two buckets of oil is the hero of the morning rose. After the rally, A shares have entered the 2850 point pressure, 2900 points in early trading today, washed off resistance, the market within a narrow range, upward pressure digestion. It is expected to see repeatedly in 2850 points, investors can properly adjust stock swap operations. But the face of the strong, I think it should maintain yesterday’s point of view, is that the market is not really up to the time, in other words today because of the oil index rose, if oil is not sustainable tomorrow, the market should not return to the original state of adjustment to the. The stock index trend may appear less obvious, the gem shape is the most able to explain the problem, gynecological hatched small candle is a little resistance rose mean that today this time to adjust, but because of certain factors barely rose essence but eventually to return to adjust to. Gem stabilization is still the future investment. A股尾盘跳水结束三连阳 萌生:调仓投资须待2850点稳固-搜狐证券  搜狐证券讯 2月18日,大盘走出冲高回落走势,沪指小幅收跌止步三连阳,截至收盘,上证综指报2862.89点,跌幅0.16%,下跌4.45点,成交2308亿元;深证成指报10116.4点,跌幅0.45%,下跌45.37点,成交3598亿元;创业板指报2190.91点,跌幅1.1%。针对市场接下来的走势和投资者关心的个股,搜狐证券特邀萌生老师做客直播间为投资者解答问题。   萌生老师是,职业投资人,长期从事股票研究,有多年的市场实战经验,善于从心理博弈的角度去判断市场走向,有极其敏锐的盘口感觉。早年在多家报刊和杂志发表过股市相关的文章,曾是《股市动态分析》专栏作者,财经类小说《百万富翁》系列、《狙击强势股》系列至今仍受到广大读者的厚爱,还在2014年与《证券市场红周刊》合作了股市专栏小说《穿越涨停之间》。   以下为萌生老师直播精华汇总:     早盘我们就提醒过大家,昨日尾盘大盘天敌的石油双雄竭力护盘拉升似乎并不是什么好现象。果不其然虽然全线高开,指数依然处于强势震荡当中,多空双方分歧也较为明显。创业板处于剧烈震荡中,向下挑战2200点整数关口的支撑,同时也拖累沪指呈现出回落走势,难道预示着大 相关公司股票走势 盘反弹就此戛然而止了吗?今日20日均线能否确认有效?   今天走势的实际情况可能会差强人意,2008年的刺激效应在未来不会再有,历史也不会简单的去重复,从这点去讲,铁路股可以涨,但是不可以站在经济刺激计划的想法上去上涨,本身逻辑就是错的,其持续性就可想而知。两桶子油是上午的指数上涨的功臣。   经过连续的反弹,A股已经进入2850点压力区,今日早盘冲关2900点遇阻后,市场展开窄幅震荡,消化上行压力。预计在2850点将反复拉锯,投资者可以适当进行调仓换股操作。   但是面对这种强势,我觉得还是应该维持昨天的观点,那就是大盘还不到真正上涨的时候,换句话说今天因为中石油指数出现上涨,明日中石油不可持续的话,大盘是不是应该回到本来该调整的状态中去。沪指的走势可能表现的不大明显,创业板的形态是最能说明问题了,带下影线的小阳线本身就有点抵抗上涨的意思,也就是说本来今天本就该调整的,却因某些因素勉强的上涨,不过最终还是要回归到调整的本质中来。创业板企稳仍是未来投资的重要标杆。   面对今日走势,也许很多人会不知所措,更有人会带有质疑,询问我说这些的初衷是什么,无疑想表达这么两点,一是这个位置手上如果持股就先不动,即便是短暂诱多之后的下跌,二则也不增加持仓,耐心等待形态的进一步修复,无论是创业板还是主板,现在的形态只能是企稳,而不是行情的展开,接下来指数形态进一步修复到位后,如果重启升势,那个时候才是真正的介入点。   近期投资者当以观望为主,短期投资而言,当2850点整固后,将对3000点发动攻势,投资者可以适当进行调仓换股操作,重点布局两会题材及年报高增长个股。相关的主题文章: