54Night game review Barcelona Atletico win over Manchester City King alone made 4 ball (video)|Night game review Barcelona Atletico win over Manchester City King alone made 4 ball (video)6

Night game summary: Barcelona Atletico win over Manchester City only made 4 ball king [] Barcelona Barcelona report less Jiangong 5-1 away win two Messi ball Su God (website data) 5-1 Eli Gane J MSN Qi broke in the fourth round of La Liga, Barcelona 5-1 away victory over Eli Gane J, the Champions League with 12 goals and two game winning streak. Open two degrees and assists, Suarez shot the 2 pass, with each one of the goals of the Neymar and the, the free kick of the ball to recover a ball in the back of the ball in the top of the floor, and then shoot the ball in the first place, with a total of 1 goals. Atletico 5-0 Gijon Gregory Saltzman 2016-17 scored two of the fourth round of La Liga season, Atletico at the Santiago Calderon swept 5-0 Gijon, Gregory Saltzman and Torres each into 2 balls, Gameiro scored the first goal. Leicester City 3-0 Nimei two Sliema Burnley 2016-17 Premier League fifth round, Leicester City home court 3-0 win over Burnley, 30 million team history Wang Slimane scored two Premier League debut, Maheras made oolong. Arsenal (data) 4-1 Hull Sanchez scored two of the 2016-17 Premier League season fifth round, 4 to 1 victory over Arsenal the city of Hull. Sanchez opened two degrees, but missed a penalty. Walcott and Zach also recorded a goal. The city of Hull, Snodgrass kick hit a comeback, Livermore was sent off for a deliberate handball. Manchester (data) 4-0 Byrne Maus Deb Law Hei only made 4 ball 2016-16 Premier League season, the fifth round, 10 4-0 in the Bournemouth City home court, 8 wins in all competitions, 5 League wins. De Blau Hei, Isi Nacho and Stryn were shot Jiangong, gundogan Premiership debut break nolito penalty. Bayern 3-1 Geshitate Lavon broke to celebrate the Bundesliga third Bayern home court 3-1 for Geshitate win, the defending champion started the first 3 rounds of the 3 game winning streak, the three line has been for 5 consecutive victories, the long injury small Boateng return. Eighth minutes, Kano for the Leidse xianbatouchou, Twelfth minutes, fiftieth minutes, Lavon lob tie; Alonso world wave counter ultra score, eighty-fourth minute, Rafinha long-range hit the victory. Dortmund 6-0 Darmstadt 2016-17 Dortmund home court win the Bundesliga season third round, Dortmund based Iduna Park 6 signal 0 rout of Darmstadt. Castro may open two degrees, and Ramos, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so did Puglisi Chi, and so on, and so on, and so on.