54Chongqing teenager Xu Xiaolong Rio returned the Olympic Games did not imagine with scary new network|Chongqing teenager Xu Xiaolong Rio returned the Olympic Games did not imagine with scary new network8

Chongqing teenager Xu Xiaolong Rio returned "the Olympic Games did not imagine the scary smile" – Beijing, Beijing, August 30 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Lu) "the Olympic Games did not imagine." 30, in the University City Campus of Chongqing Sports Institute of technology, a small ceremony just back from the Rio Olympics returned three athletes Xu Xiaolong some surprise. After completing his first Olympic journey, Xu Xiaolong officially graduated from the Zhejiang University public management, return to the Chongqing track and field team. As the only male athletes in Chongqing Olympic team, Xu Xiaolong rounded out the three men long jump final at the Olympics, won the eleventh to 16.41 m results. Although the results from their best results of 16.93 meters and a certain distance, but Xu Xiaolong admitted that has been very satisfied". Talking about his first Olympic trip, Xu Xiaolong said: first began to feel like a dream, after the relaxation of the Olympic Games and ordinary games found almost no imagination scary." "The 16.65 meters result is my best time of the year." For the 23 year old, it is more like a learning process to participate in the Olympic games. Dong Bin, Cao Shuo two predecessors in the field of momentum and the game experience is much higher than me, and they can learn a lot of things together." In 2011, Xu Xiaolong as students from Fengming mountain middle school was admitted to the Zhejiang University majoring in public management. Chongqing city athletics coach Xu Zhiwen said, Xu Xiaolong at the University of reading, there is someone to contact the Chongqing Zhejiang University Sports Institute of technology, communication of his daily life and daily training status. After the handover ceremony, Xu Xiaolong and track and field team members together with the equipment training. In the face of a more professional and comprehensive training equipment and training system, Xu Xiaolong said it would take time to adapt. He said, the next major goal is to prepare for next year’s games and the world championships. For the direction of Xu Xiaolong’s training, Chongqing Institute of sports technology, director of the Department of athletics, said Cao Ping, hoping to spend a year or so, so that the results of the breakthrough 17 meters mark Xu Xiaolong. Cao Ping said, now the Xu Xiaolong technology is no problem, need to participate in the contest of experience. Chongqing Institute of sports technology will be in the body, this piece of emphasis on physical training Xu Xiaolong, so that his special ability to become more powerful. The "three triple jump is a late project, 4 years after the Tokyo Olympic Games is the best Xu Xiaolong, once again stand on the Olympic Games a great possibility." Cao Ping said.