54Central Division Preview James Walker and the rise of the bull back (video)|Central Division Preview James Walker and the rise of the bull back (video)9

Central Division Preview: James Walker and the rise of a team of NBA film a bull back: Knight James won salvation like Mike end holding Jin Tencent sports news October 23rd the new season has become increasingly close to the pace, Central Division 5 teams will soon officially unveiled. As the defending champion, the Cavaliers are naturally the focus of attention. In addition to Dwayne – Wade’s bulls, the Pacers are also starting to look. The knight central division of a single large central division teams: Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers Detroit pistons Chicago bulls Milwaukee bucks team progress: Pacers star Paul – George last season strong back, the new season he will become a powerful competitor to win MVP. Last year’s rookie Meyers Turner will play a more important role in the new season, at the same time, they also added Geoff Teague, Thaddeus young, Al Jefferson and other powerful getters. Backward team: bulls core Derek over the past few years, Ross and director of Nuo A left the bulls in the summer, although they added Dwayne Wade and Rajon long two star defender, but they are in the pitching and the defense are short board, the bulls are difficult to maintain the previous level. Division Star: Lebron James (Knight) "little emperor" is not only the division of responsibility of the king, was the first person in the league, aimed at defending the James will continue to maintain its peak in the new season. In addition, the division of star players and George, Jimmy – Butler, Andre – Drummond and Ioannis Ade Tor Quinn Bo. Progressive players: Meyers Turner (Walker) Turner is the 11 show last year, he was in the field for the last 22.8 minutes of the time to contribute a total of 10.3 points and 5.5 rebounds and 1.4 blocks, the performance is very efficient. The new season Turner will become the Pacers in the inner core, get more performance opportunities, only 20 years old, he will usher in a full-blown data. Best Coach: stan – Van Gundy (piston) big Van Gundy in 2014 into the pistons, last season, he has the car city into the playoffs. On the field, big Van Gundy into his tactical thinking; the game, he tried to improve the team lineup. Van Gundy will lead the pistons in the new season. May: Fred Hoiberg – class coach (Chicago) this person is obtained by exclusion method, tyronn Lue, Van Gundy and Jason – Kidd’s position is very stable, Nate Macmillan just took office. What’s more, he last season coach Berg’s poor results, since the 2007-08 season the Bulls missed the playoffs for the first time. If the Bulls new season there is no improvement, Howie Berg is likely to coach. Best rookie: Denzel – Valentin (bull) in the first round of this year’s draft pick in the fourteenth round was selected by the bulls, the Michigan State University defender believes that he is the "best rookie" candidate for the. Compared with other high rookie of the season, "Valentine’s Day" to get more opportunity to read the full four years of college experience can also help him become the bulls "force". (Niu Niu) copyright notice: this department.