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The three index futures fell across the board positions total new high hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client refers to the market early this week the continuation of pre consolidation pattern, the contract price of a slight concussion, but a sudden change in the situation of three market Thursday, the main futures contract opened slightly higher after the way down, the afternoon diving acceleration finally, with long line closing. As of Thursday’s close, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index closed at 2847 points IF1603, weekly decline of 4.56% IH1603; the SSE 50 index futures fell 3.18% to close at 1908.4 points, weekly; IC1603 CSI 500 futures closed at 5361 points, down 7.10%. From the market point of view, the CSI 500 refers to the continuation of its high price elasticity characteristics in three varieties in a loser. In the spot market, a large number of strong early performance subject shares Thursday closed limit, accelerating the decline trend of CSI 500 futures. Changes in the futures market total holdings data, since this year as an important basis for judged outlook, especially in the fall in prices. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures as an example, four contracts total holdings in December 18th last year fell to a low of 31767 after the hand into the continuous Masukura trend, to a maximum of 45880 hands in January 28th of this year and high refresh stage, during the 29 trading days Masukura more than 14000, more than 44%. However, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures contract month price during this period showed opposite trend, in the 29 trading days the cumulative decline reached 25%, and also in January 28th fell to a low stage. Therefore, in mid December to late January, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index of the total positions and contract prices between the apparent "Masukura down" trend. Total holdings began to continue to fall after January 28th, until February 19th to reach the low level of 40942 hands, during a total of 12 trading days, the total holdings decreased by 11%. Contract prices showed bottoming out during this period, and the cumulative increase was 7.8% in the month. There is a trend of "lighten up and rebound" between the total position and contract price. Analysis of the data shows that this year, the relationship between the index of the total positions and the change of contract price is close, between the two shows "Zengcang down, lighten up to stabilize" rule, which is reflected to a certain extent. The market is dominated by the trend of the capital, the overall size of positions the changes will directly affect the price of the contract. As of Thursday’s close, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index futures four contracts total positions once again Zengcang 1560 to 46373 hand in hand, beyond January 28th 45880, again to refresh a new high stage. According to the above rules, if the total holdings of the subsequent emergence of further increases in the next period of time, the futures market funds will also maintain a cautious attitude of emotion. (researcher Fei Tianyuan) THE_END into [Sina financial stocks] discussion

三大期指全线下挫总持仓量再创新高 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   期指市场本周初延续前期盘整格局,合约价格小幅震荡,但周四行情风云突变,三大期指主力合约在小幅高开后一路下挫,午后加速跳水,最后均以长阴线收盘。截至周四收盘,沪深300期指IF1603报收2847.0点,周线下跌4.56%;上证50期指IH1603报收1908.4点,周线下跌3.18%;中证500期指IC1603报收5361.0点,周线下跌7.10%。从市场表现上看,中证500期指延续其价格高弹性的特点,在三大品种中大幅领跌。现货市场中,大量前期表现强势的题材股周四均以跌停收盘,加速了中证500期指的下跌趋势。   期指市场总持仓数据的变化,今年以来作为研判后市的重要依据,特别是在下跌行情中尤为明显。   以沪深300期指为例,四张合约总持仓量在去年12月18日降至低点31767手后,步入连续增仓趋势,在今年1月28日增至最高45880手并刷新阶段高点,期间29个交易日增仓超过14000手,幅度超过44%。然而,沪深300期指当月合约价格在此期间呈现完全相反的走势,在29个交易日内累计下跌幅度达到25%,并同样在1月28日跌至阶段低点。可见,在12月中旬到1月下旬,沪深300期指总持仓量与合约价格之间呈现明显的“增仓下行”趋势。   总持仓量在1月28日之后开始出现持续回落,直至2月19日降至阶段低点40942手,期间共计12个交易日,总持仓量降幅为11%。合约价格在此期间呈现见底反弹,当月合约累计涨幅为7.8%。总持仓量与合约价格之间呈现“减仓反弹”趋势。   上述数据的分析显示,今年以来,期指总持仓量的变化与合约价格涨跌之间的关系是紧密的,两者之间表现出“增仓下行,减仓企稳”的规律,这也在一定程度上反映出目前期指市场走势由资金的动向所主导,整体持仓规模的增减将直接对合约的价格造成影响。   截至周四收盘,沪深300期指四张合约总持仓量再度增仓1560手至46373手,超越了1月28日的45880手,再度刷新阶段新高。根据上述规律,若总持仓规模后续出现进一步增加,则在接下来的一段时间内,期指市场资金情绪还将维持谨慎心态。   (本报研究员 费天元)THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: