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The vitality of life to sing and enjoy life _ credit card promotions _ sina finance _ sina.com.cn sina finance > credit card; > promotions > the vitality of life singing life     02 2016 23 August   16:44    banks: Industrial Bank time: April 30, 2016 Venue: Guangzhou time: from now to April 30th -2016 years: Guangzhou city activities activity: Industrial Bank China UnionPay Credit Card Cardholder activities: to Societe Generale Bank China UnionPay credit card in the church KTV Guangzhou district designated stores credit card spending 200 yuan high minus 100 yuan. Each person can attend 4 times a month. The quota is limited. First come first served. This discount is not applicable during February 7th to February 14th, February 22nd and April 2nd to April 4th. Activities: activities of merchant activity stores stores the address and phone number will KTV Haiyin stores in the city of Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Dongxiao Road No. 171 Tianhe 020-83333999 store in Guangzhou, Tianhe District Tianhe straight Street No. 160 Tianhe Department building 1-3 Binbin stores in the city of Guangzhou Yuexiu District Guangzhou uprising Road No. 1 Haiyin Binbin Plaza 9, Baiyun Baiyun District of Guangzhou City Yunxiao road 353 No. 5 Building 3 floor Panyu tarmac store in Guangzhou, Panyu District Qinghe Road No. 203 Hui Long commercial plaza area 6 Zhuang shop in Guangzhou city Yuexiu District road 80 martyrs Huihua trade building 1-3, click to view details > > welcome to comment to share: 活力人生 唱享生活_信用卡优惠活动_新浪财经_新浪网 新浪财经 > 信用卡 > 优惠活动 > 正文 活力人生 唱享生活   2016年02月23日 16:44   活动银行:兴业银行起止时间:2016年4月30日止活动地点:广州 活动时间:即日起-2016年4月30日 活动城市:广州 活动对象:兴业银行银联信用卡持卡人 活动内容:持兴业银行银联信用卡在堂会KTV广州区指定门店刷卡消费满200元最高立减100元。每人每月可参加4次,名额有限,先到先得。2月7日至2月14日、2月22日、4月2日至4月4日期间不适用此优惠。 活动门店: 活动商户 活动门店 地址 电话 堂会KTV 海印店 广州市海珠区东晓路171号 020-83333999 天河店 广州市天河区天河直街160号天河汇1-3楼 缤缤店 广州市越秀区广州起义路1号海印缤缤广场9楼 白云店 广州市白云区云霄路353栋5号停机坪3楼 番禺店 广州市番禺区清河东路203号汇珑商业广场6楼 区庄店 广州市越秀区先烈中路80号汇华商贸大厦1-3楼 点击查看详情>> 欢迎发表评论 分享到:相关的主题文章: