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World Snooker Shanghai masters gets underway cited three suspense – Beijing News Agency Xinhua: Shanghai September 18 World Snooker Shanghai masters gets underway cited three suspense author Ma Huayu 2016 World Snooker Shanghai masters 19 will be kicked off in Shanghai stadium. Now the world’s top 16 players participating in the top. With the upcoming peak showdown, this year’s Shanghai masters three suspense expectations. Nine years nine crown teenager can break the "no defending magic curse? Since 2007, the Shanghai masters have produced nine different titles. 2015, 1991 born youngster Karen? Werwilson upset successive defeat Ding Junhui, Trump and other famous champion, the Shanghai masters "no defending curse continues. However, from the results of this year’s lottery draw, the young defending champion is not lucky, he and Sean, Murphy, Ding Junhui, Trump and other points in the upper half. Want to break the siege, Werwilson needs to continue to play magic last year, and the first to defeat the enemy is likely to face in the second round of the "rocket" O’Sullivan. "Ten" to Ding Junhui can win in his hometown? This year, is the tenth year of the Shanghai masters held, the official use of the "ten" to return to the name of the event in china. On who are the masters in Shanghai’s most high-profile player, Ding Junhui is well deserved home. In 2016 Ding Junhui is very well, he is the first in the world championship to go all the way to break into the finals for the first time in history. Although Selby lost in the final, but Ding Junhui is still with excellent performance to consolidate its current world ranking of ninth. Subsequently, Ding Junhui has just ended in 6 ball championship, won the championship. In this regard, he said, I feel good. Now is the beginning of the new season, but also their most fight time, I hope to have a good performance." Shanghai masters these ten years, almost covered my entire career, I hope in this (ten anniversary) node, he can play the game." Ding Junhui said. The world’s top 16 to Qi who can laugh to the end? The Shanghai masters gathered at the world’s top 16 players, whether it is to attack the famous O’Sullivan, Trump, Robertson, or Selby, is famous for its robust style of Higgins, Ding Junhui, more than match ups will be started in the next week. As the new season of the skirmish, the Shanghai Masters Snooker World has been called the "wind vane", to achieve good results in the players here, the whole season to sail with the wind. Now the world number one Selby said, "in China snooker concern more and more high, every time I was really looking forward to being China game. This year the world’s top 16 players have come here, you have to work hard and do your best, it is possible to win." (end)