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Games Most Warlock PVP combats are already won before they are even started. If you are attack by another player first, all your chances of winning are automatically forfeited. If there’s more than one player dealing damage on you, you’re looking at your bloodied corpse before you know it. Alternatively, if you spotted a player who’s in the midst of killing a mob, finishing the player would prove really easy. This is because you can always plan your attacks beforehand and forcing the player to react to your strategies. In a situation like this, you’re chances are very high. The thing is, nearly all PvP battles are won by those who attack first. PvP only gets interesting if you spot each other in the killing field and you have equal chances of winning. A PvP Warlock has some terribly powerful talents up its sleeves that make it a force to contend with. Among the most powerful is Fear which is very useful I PvP encounters. {Warlocks Versus Hunters} The Hunters are the easiest to target for Warlocks, they are a piece of cake especially when their pets are powerless. Use Fear and you’ll surely feed a Hunter dust. Your chances of winning against Hunters are also enhanced by closing in on them. Hunters are ranged fighters, they can only do massive damage when their opponents are at a safe distance. {Warlocks Versus Priests} You can easily cripple a Priest by using Shadow Ward. Remember, some Priests, like Warlocks, depend on shadow-based direct damage. This is ineffective however if the Priest you’re dealing with is wielding the powers of the Holy Light. Defeating a Priest isn’t as easy as sending a Hunter to its grave. Priests have a variety of talents that allow it to resist Fear, deal with your pet, and dispel your curses. Unless you can make a really good strategy against a Holy Light-wielding Priest, it’s best to stay away from them. {Warlocks Versus Rogues} The Warlock’s mortal enemy, Rogues, will constantly hunt warlocks in PvP arena. Warlocks don’t stand a really good chance against Rouges since they lack any defensive capabilities. You can make up with this by using the best talents in your arsenal. But really, there isnt much you can do when you’re caught unaware. {Warlocks Versus Warlocks} Warlock versus Warlock combats are only exciting to watch if they have equal numbers on their sides. Otherwise, like what has been said, the victorious Warlock will always be the one who initiated the attack. Often, the strategy that works in Warlock vs Warlock encounters is disabling the other player’s pet. If you can do this, you stand higher odds of coming away as a winner. Using Fear also proves to be a good advantage. While Warlocks use this spell, they are not immune to it. So you can always use fear on an opponent Warlock PVP just as you can Fear all other classes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: