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Sudden deafness also has a preference for     see if you have a shot? – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: sudden deafness also have a preference to see if you are in the gun? According to China’s sudden deafness multicenter study showed a clear upward trend in the incidence of the sudden deafness rate at present, especially the workplace pressure executives and some larger industries, such as IT, finance, media, FMCG industry. While some of the frequent dependence on the work of headphones, the possibility of sudden deafness is higher. At present, the high incidence of sudden deafness in our country is about 40 years old, it is the key age in the workplace, there is no significant difference between male and female, the left side is slightly more than the right side, the incidence of bilateral sudden deafness is low. According to statistics, the United States, Japan, Germany in recent years, the incidence has increased. Sudden deafness, also called idiopathic sudden deafness, referred to as "sudden deafness" or "sudden deafness" refers to acute idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss occurred within 72 hours, unexplained sensorineural hearing loss is an emergency department of ENT, according to the introduction, process deaf for the diagnosis and treatment of sudden deafness at present, the etiology is still not completely clear. If you do not intervene in a timely manner, it may cause permanent hearing damage. Intense pace of work in the workplace to work every day, have a strong competitive psychological energy, in a state of overdraft, fatigue and tension for a long time not to rest, in a healthy state for a long time, mental stress, irregular life, lack of sleep and emotion is the main stream of the medical profession recognized by four causes of sudden deaf. Wuhan Central Hospital Department of ENT director Yuan Kun said her clinic, nearly half of the disease is tired out. "The young patients with sudden deafness increased rapidly, my clinic, young workers were accounted for 40%~50%," Yuan Kun, the majority of these patients less sleep time, or stay up late to work overtime, or love clubbing, KTV, often go to bed at midnight. In the event of a sudden hearing loss, the hearing of one ear is reduced dramatically within minutes or hours (very few people may need a few days). Feel the sound of large side small phone ear heard, if watching TV, some people will mistakenly think that TV channel is unilateral out of the question, a few people will appear at the same time deaf ears. In addition, may also be accompanied by tinnitus, ear blockage, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, go to the hospital to do tympanic membrane examination generally no obvious abnormalities. Why tired ears are easy to strike? Yuan Kun explained, this is because of work pressure, stay up late, mental stress and other factors will lead to the inner ear blood vessel long-term in a state of tension, vasospasm and occlusion, the cochlear insufficiency caused by auditory organ damage, resulting in a sharp decline in hearing. Guangdong General Hospital otolaryngology head and neck surgery chief physician Wu Peina reminds, ears heavy women over men "or sudden deafness, is occasionally audible voice inaudible voice, whether it can disappear. Low frequency sensorineural hearing loss". Pressure, often stay up late to see more people, with the inner ear abnormal sound mechanism, the patient will have a sense of ear plug. The man’s voice was rather low