51China – China 4 Lifan starting out of the main Jin Feng back bench stand|China – China 4 Lifan starting out of the main Jin Feng back bench stand9

China – China 4: Lifan starting out of the main Feng Jin return bench stand Huaxia sina sports force sail poster evening of September 23rd, 2016 of the twenty-sixth round of Super League kicked off, Hebei Huaxia happiness at home court against Chongqing Lifan, currently China 25 war 10 wins 5 flat 10 negative ranked sixth, the Lifan 25 war 8 wins 7 flat 10 negative list tenth, before the game the two sides have announced the lineup: China, 4 players Haifeng Ding, Jin Yangyang, Ju rumes and gervinho suspended misses, Dewey starting with partner Jiang Ning and defense mbia, Kakuta separated field wings, Alois Theo and Dong Xuesheng striker partner; Lifan, fully consistent with the last round in the starting lineup, Kardec and Fernando etc. several foreign players continue to start, it is worth mentioning that the trial to La Liga Granada The return of Chongqing Messi Jin Feng of the field into the reserve list. The specific list is as follows: Hebei Huaxia happiness: starting goalkeeper Yang Cheng defender: 19-: 16- Liao Junjian, 5- Dewey, 25- 23- Xu Xiaolong: 21-, mbia midfielder 6- Luo Senwen, Gael Kakuta, 30- Li Hang, 7- Jiang Ning, 31- 9- Dong Xuesheng: striker Alois Theo bench 1- 2-, Du Wenyang 11-, the Eurasian Guangxi macro, 17- Haiwei, 20- 29-, Wang Yang, Zhu Zhang Lifeng, 33- high wing quasi Chongqing Lifan Starters: goalkeeper Deng Xiaofei defender: 1-: 30- Tan Wangsong, 15- Milovic, 9- Liu Yu, 18- Xu Yang: 8- 14-, Ding Czech midfielder Zheng Yourong avant-garde: 32- Fernando, 6- Wang Dong, Wu Qing 11- striker: 27- Kaerdeke bench: 31- Chen Anqi, 5- 7-, Feng Sui Dong Lu Jin, 16- Wang Weicheng, 21- Chen Lei, 22- Cui Yongzhe 33-, Geely referee Fu Ming OTI (new body)