5170 thousand yuan of wages for migrant workers lost brother picked up after the initiative to return|170 thousand yuan of wages for migrant workers lost brother picked up after the initiative to return

17 million workers wages lost brother picked up after initiative to return the Xinhua news agency, Chongqing February 5 Mar (reporter Han Zhen) Chongqing this winter is cold, but labor contractor Mr. Luo felt very warm. 4 in the afternoon, he lost 17 million yuan of wages for migrant workers, Mannen grief, pick up the money "brother" master Chiang but take the initiative to return, workers wages recovered. Mr. Luo is the Chongqing Jiangjin, the two years he took the villagers together in the village to find work at the site, and become the leader of these workers, he is responsible for the work of workers who live, wages. 4 afternoon, he will be 170 thousand yuan of wages in a cowboy backpack to carry, ready to return home to the migrant workers send new year money. Unexpectedly, the backpack was forgotten in a taxi, and there is no taxi clues. Did not think of the wages of workers, Mr. Luo was almost collapse. At 9 o’clock in the evening, in despair, Mr. Luo suddenly received a phone call, Chongqing City taxi unclaimed baggage center staff said cash has been found, is master Jiang taxi driver picked up the cash, let him to the center and found to receive. After hearing the news, Mr. Luo’s tears streaming down. Originally, when Mr. Jiang Xiaolin took the day the master driving taxi. Mr. Luo get off, the master Jiang also did not find this backpack, until 9 when the day ready to close at points, only to find a backpack on the car, open a look inside there are two dozen thick new hundred dollar bills. The owner lost so much cash must be very anxious, he immediately told the taxi lost and found center to report on this matter. 5 morning 9:30, Mr. Luo in accompanied by brother rushed to the unclaimed baggage center, to reclaim his lost 17 million yuan in cash, Mr. Luo cried again, he tightly hold Jiang master hand, does not stop saying thanks. Editor: Su bud SN226