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MANSANO about violence: first times in Chinese in such extreme sports fans – Sohu source: Shenhua Shenhua team this afternoon, China Eastern Airlines flew to Tianjin aboard. Unlike in the past, the Shenhua up to adapt to the training venue, for training in Shanghai " > Video – Suning fans suspected hit Shenhua fans throw egg brutally beaten source: Shenhua team this afternoon, Shenhua flight flew to Tianjin aboard Eastern airlines. Unlike in the past, the Shenhua up to adapt to the training venue, to go away in Shanghai after the end of the training. Shenhua team scheduled at 10:30 in the morning training in Cambridge base, but the training until 11 p.m. later than the scheduled time for about half an hour, because the Manzano convened a team held a meeting. From the meeting room, MANSANO harsh voice came from time to time. Indeed, after the draw away bodied, Shenhua situation is very good, the two leading Hong Kong ranked fourth. However, in the home court against the strength as their Chongqing Lifan, Shenhua leading two goals, still draw opponents, the game was a wake-up call to the team. In the League to enter the closing phase, we can not have the slightest relaxation. After the training, we are also playing the spirit of twelve points. In the training team, the appearance of Li Yunqiu. Li Yunqiu has been injured for a long time and is now training with the team, which means he is likely to catch up with the team in October. The training finished after lunch, Shenhua starting from Cambridge base, to the Hongqiao airport, take the 15:55 in the afternoon flight from Shanghai to Tianjin. The trip is very smooth, Shenhua earlier than the scheduled time of about 20 minutes to arrive in Tianjin. Suning fans hit the Shenhua fans suspected vicious flying kick head injured (Figure) at the Tianjin airport, the team to diverge. Coach Manzano with his team to go to the stadium to participate in the pre game press conference, other coaches, players from the airport directly to the hotel. In the week in the FA Cup semi-final second leg match, Li Jianbin, guarin and several other players injured. However, Manzano today revealed a good news to you, after a few days of this adjustment, the wounded has basically recovered, guarin and Li Jianbin will return. Unfortunately, the team has a lot of injuries, but also at the same time. Against Lifan and Suning in the game, a total of six players can not play. But tomorrow we will send the strongest lineup, including guarin and Li Jianbin will return." Speaking with the Tianjin TEDA team tomorrow, Manzano said: "Jiangsu will play a game and immediately begin preparations for the league. This season Shenhua goal is AFC Champions League, attaches great importance to this goal. Tianjin is not a weak opponent, is a strong team. We are ready for the match these days. Tianjin this week is also a week double match, the last league they played 4:0, morale. And when we played against Tianjin in the first leg of the league, we had only one draw at home and the game was very difficult. I believe tomorrow will play a good game, the game will be very interesting."