50AC Milan legend was shelling top Interisti refused to go back to doing what|AC Milan legend was shelling top Interisti refused to go back to doing what1

AC Milan legend was shelling refused: high-level inter people back to what Albertini Slide Show sina sports after China consortium directed by AC Milan new general manager Fassone has been working in the club high-level reshuffle. "Milan sports newspaper" said, there are more than 30 candidates in the Rossoneri senior restructuring list, 3 of whom are Fassone first international colleagues in Milan. The three men are now Milan international scouting director Mirabelli, former manager of the first team of Milan international Andre Romeo and former Milan international public relations director Mariana Mecachi. At present, Mirabelli has accepted the invitation, will become a new member of the club’s board of directors after the end of the AC Milan equity transaction, as a sports director. The original fasone also want to invite Maldini, Albertini, Costacurta and Ambrosini four former exploits to AC Milan, but in some "Milan International Club" action after the Rossoneri legend who have expressed dissatisfaction. In May this year, Maldini also said in an interview at Milan is willing to return to help the team revival, but a few days ago and made it clear that the legendary captain does not consider back to AC Milan, speculation that he is full of challenge to the new position with no power. Originally Albertini and Costacurta is likely to return to the Rossoneri, but after Mirabelli, this possibility is getting smaller. Italy local time on September 11th, Albertini made a picture on his twitter, saying "I am not the international Milan people" slogan, which undoubtedly and publicly expressed reluctance and fasone working attitude. Costacurta is in "Sky Sports" interview, said: "the situation is very clear, the recent move fasone dissatisfaction with Albertini, even many AC fans in Milan are also difficult to accept the enemy personnel involved in club affairs." Yes, it seems from the current situation, the black red places were gradually becoming more aware that fasone just want them to return to the team to serve as ambassador, and vice president Zanetti is currently serving as the Su Ning’s power is completely different. Albertini retired from politics, whether in Italy or in the players’ union association are powerful figure, may not accept the face of the marginal role of selling. Do important commentator Costacurta in the Sky TV natural selection: "please he refused to save energy, no need to call me." Even the Juventus legend Piero "Kanbuxiaqu", in an interview said: "the zebra Prince wanted Costacurta back into the AC banner of Milan? I think it would be better to ask Bergomi and Zanetti." Invite senior rivals take over the club this approach is clearly inconsistent with the values of most of the football people. (LK)