4Zhao Wei directed the film was friends to resist the army media the bottom line can not be touched|Zhao Wei directed the film was friends to resist the army media the bottom line can not be touched

Zhao Wei, director of the film is users against army media: bottom line can not touch the source: China National Defense News casting hurt national feelings of the users voice resist film newspaper special correspondent Yu Junnan June 27, the movie directed by Zhao Wei, "no other love" fixing when Zhao Wei and all the creative toast celebration, joy photo, online a piece of doubts and anger: some netizens pointed out that the film alleged Pro independence activists and disgrace to the Chinese artists, think this behavior seriously hurt the national feelings of the Chinese people, called for the film to be resisted. July 6th, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League official micro-blog issued a long micro-blog, Leon Dai, Zhao Wei and the movie no other love was widely condemned to boycott the matter. Wrote the article, as early as April 25, Zhao Wei in the Sina microblogging released movie "no other love" starring list, there are a lot of friends in the comments that starring one of Leon Dai has been involved in the activities of Taiwan independence, another starring mizuhara Kiko had insulted China photos praise. Netizens pointed out: "the creative film should have the national dignity and the bottom line!" With the continuous fermentation of the topic, the film stakeholders feel great pressure of public opinion, had to come forward to respond. June 30th, Leon Dai and the film producer has issued a statement on micro-blog. Two statement although denied Leon Dai support of Taiwan independence movement, but were not to blame him is the Taiwan independence elements of the netizens to provide Facebook screenshots, Taiwan media news reports, Taiwan lesson outline trimming content evidence to refute, but evasive that Leon Dai Taiwan social concerns, as well as the film "no other love" higher quality. These two statements did not quell the anger of users. Net friend took out Leon Dai had to participate in the sun flower anti clothing trade movement, the anti class campaign, and other 10 activities of the Taiwan independence information, including Leon Dai support Taiwan independence in the news and speech. There are users through the network to the propaganda, said as long as Leon Dai said a sentence "I am a Chinese, Taiwan belongs to China" would trust him. More netizens to patriotic general Ji Hongchang and his story as an example to persuade. When general Ji Hongchang in the United States, is often mistaken for the Japanese, every time Ji Hongchang must seriously correct that they are chinese. Finally Ji Hongchang made a wooden board, decorous is above wrote five words — "I am Chinese, every time when they go out, he will put the wooden sign hanging in his chest. In the face of audio and video evidence of netizens persuasion and overwhelming, Leon Dai has not responded again. Zhao Wei himself said: "I am so patriotic, will not marry abroad!" But her behavior in this incident has once again made the people of the whole country sad. More than two months, many users in Zhao Wei’s micro-blog on a message to protest, she in addition to delete posts, until July 11th only in response to micro-blog. But eloquent hundreds of words did not respond to the netizen heat to discuss the focus, but let everyone be recalled in 2001 "the Japanese flag" incident. Many netizens message said, I hope Zhao Wei can recall the incident that year after the publication of a public apology letter, the people of the country to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, like general Ji Hongchang in his chest hung up, I am a Chinese