4You certainly don’t know what are the top golf players jealous of each other|You certainly don’t know what are the top golf players jealous of each other

You certainly don’t know: what are the top golf players jealous of each other? Walker and another player in the same group. He doesn’t like to talk about each other’s skills of sina sports news Beijing time on January 20, can play to the PGA tour tournament players, golf technology difference is not where to go. Those who can remember the name, but also a master of the master. You know what? These masters were actually aren’t perfect. They will try to get other players in the thing, which also includes: Tiger Woods. About this, may wish to let us read the following article. When Jamie Walker (Jimmy . Walker) and another player in the same group time. He doesn’t like to talk about each other’s skills unless he really played "strike". So last summer, when Volcker Justin and Ross Jamie were in the same group, he kept his mouth shut. "He will kick off at the rope within is quite good, I thought…… Wow, "Jamie Walker said," I have been waiting for two days said: ‘Justin, I don’t often praised by others, but I never saw the kickoff of which players better than your kick off over the past two days.’ " Ross Justin thanked them for their kindness, but his answer was: "I wish I could be like you."." This sentence let Volcker – Jamie began to think. "We all have something else, something else," Volcker Jamie said. "You see someone else will think: ‘I hope I can do that. You worship some of the people here. I’m sure other people also adore you." A small case has revealed some truth. No one has everything. If he had it all, he wouldn’t have had it for too long. No one is satisfied with all his aspects. But the world’s top players know what they do well, and what other people might want? "They certainly don’t want my short push rod," Scott Adam said with a smile. Long rod is not Adam Scott became the first to win the green jacket Australians reason. Not a year later, he can climb the world’s first reason. "I think I was a good kick off," Adam Scott said, "a person must want to take my wooden." Scott Adam has seen some very nice golf for 15 years. In 2000 before the US Open, he and tiger Woods playing a round of exercises. That round of exercises let Adam Scott considered whether to retain the amateur status. 20004 years in the Melbourne, when he and Ayers group, Dayige shot 60. Scott Adam still thought it was the best he had ever seen. But when asked which player he wanted, he mentioned Mikkelsen’s short pole. "Some of the players of the game in the quite remarkable part, however for me all these years, Phil short bar technique is incredibly outstanding," he said. The players must have been aware of each other. Australian handsome guy Scott – Luke Donald – Adam and history