4You are the most worth over 3 times Hengda Da Luo Niu AI God Tubao valuation over 1 billion (video)|You are the most worth over 3 times Hengda Da Luo Niu AI God Tubao valuation over 1 billion (video)

Number you most cow: Egyptian god worth over 3 times? Hengda mic valuation of over 10 billion champion Guangzhou Evergrande exposure Egyptian god and join the Hong Kong soon 1.28 million transfer fee a super record Tencent sports on January 21 news since the Guangzhou Evergrande ultra ascend, they always is the protagonist in the transfer market. But this year is different from the past, Beijing national security, Jiangsu Suning, Tianjin right to health, Hebei Huaxia happiness and so on have the limelight. Until recently, the Hong Kong Shanghai desire to 18 million euros to buy Eriksson news, just let Hengda re emerged in the centre stage in the transfer market. Jonas God with 17 million ~1800 million euro to leave, then Hengda in him hard to make money. In fact, Hengda in the sale of players, had a reputation for originality. It is no exaggeration to say, this year’s super winter transfer window, is by far the most crazy season, a more high level high worth of foreign aid, in the "dollar" policy under the influence of landed in the Super League. And domestic players in the huge transfer fee is not uncommon, for example, the right to buy 70 million of Tianjin Zhang Lu, Hebei China happiness 50 million to buy Haifeng Ding, etc.. Internal and external assistance to the "geometric" growth has become a phenomenon and trend. And on this basis, has always been keen on the sale of players Hengda, to a certain extent, made a big fat". Hengda (2011-2015) foreign aid trading details visible through the above chart, from 2011 to date, Hengda cumulative use of 16 foreign aid. In the 16 foreign aid which, in addition to Robinho and Zhao Yuanxi are free to join, Hengda in the rest of the 14 people who have spent. And from the input – output – utility type point of view, Hengda purchase of foreign aid is mainly divided into the following types. It is a high investment and high yield high yield type, is representative of Brazil cheetah Muriqui, El eriksson. In 2010, Hengda spend 240 million euros to buy muriqui, so the price at the time it is an astronomical, but Jose Richie in Hengda effect period, with remarkable efficiency, Hengda win the Super League for a third time in a row and AFC Champions League crown in the first absolute hero. At the same time, Hengda in sold Muriqui to Al Sadd, also netted 3 million 500 thousand euro. For Eriksson to join rival the transfer fee for 570 million euro, which at the time also is astronomical, but Egyptian god in Hengda play obvious and help the team three times won the Super Champion, twice to get the AFC championship. Recently, there is news that Hong desire to 1700 to 18 million euro purchased Egyptian god, if the implementation of the transfer, constant in general in the transfer fee net at least 11.3 million European. The second is high input – output – no income type, the representative figure is Diamante, Gilardino, Barrios and other foreign aid. In 2014, Hengda Diamanti, Alberto Gilardino is purchased in the total cost, is close to 12 million euro, but two people in Hengda play really dare not flatter, also two people has been in rent state, so in the transfer fee almost no to Hengda bring any money. Compared with Diamanti and Alberto Gilardino, Hengda buy Barrios spend 850 million euro, Barrios Hengda play the same hardly ideal in. Fortunately, Barrios on the switch to Russian timeout is Hengda bring)