4The Wuhan nail house price 30 million the court ruled that the first split again – Sohu news|The Wuhan nail house price 30 million the court ruled that the first split again – Sohu news

The Wuhan nail house price 30 million the court ruled that the first split again "- Sohu news on the morning of 17, Wuhan’s weather is a bit cold. Around 9:00, Jianghan District of Hong Kong Road and three eye Bridge Road intersection in several pieces of heavy excavator, high mechanical arm is raised, removal of the Xiang Jiang Village, a building 1 layer of the housing and construction area for 287.51?. Gather at the side of the residents "There were many discussions. More than two years, Metro Line 6 ‘nails’ was finally pulled out". But the process of pulling nails, or some surprising. First, the demolition of the ruling, neither the urban management department, nor the construction unit, but the Wuhan Municipal Intermediate People’s court. Secondly, even if the house was demolished, but on the compensation problem, or not talk about. Is in Jianghan District government provides sufficient property security, the first demolition of the room to talk about compensation. It is reported that this is the first implementation of the administrative case in Hubei province ruled. This is from the nail for 30 million years ago the government of a "housing expropriation announcement" about. Because of Wuhan Metro Line 6 three eye Bridge North Road station construction projects need, 2 October 2013, Jianghan District government issued Jianghan real sign will word [2013] No. 5 "housing levy of announcement of the decision", the same announcement and the compensation scheme. This house for Wu, Lee jointly owned, just within the scope of the housing levy within the red line. After several discussions, Wu, Lee on 2015 Jianghan District government to make the decision of the housing levy compensation, proposed to 30 million yuan compensation. Fruitless negotiations, the two people to the Wuhan municipal government to apply for administrative reconsideration, the request to withdraw the Jianghan District government’s "housing levy compensation decision". Is rejected, on October 8 last year, Wu Lee, a to the Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court filed administrative proceedings, request for revocation of the Wuhan city government administrative reconsideration decisions and Jianghan District government made by the housing levy compensation decision ". Subway construction was forced to shut down according to the side of the subway construction, Wu, lierren houses in three eye Bridge North Station No. IV entrance and No. 2 wind Pavilion, because their houses delays demolition, at present, not only the construction has been halted and due to lack of construction site, but also affects the three eye Bridge Road at the eastern end of the head about 50 meters within the scope of construction can not be, and this area plan 2016 3 end through, at present there is already unable to complete the work on schedule. Nearby residents also said that because housing is not removed in a timely manner, resulting in Hong Kong routing West to east of the traffic roads in extremely narrow, the narrowest point is only 6.5 meters, travel is very convenient. Government to come up with a high guarantee the case trial period, Jianghan District government to the plaintiff is levied housing failed to timely removal, induced originally scheduled for completion by the end of 2016 of subway line 6 engineering implementation have been seriously affected, and the housing exist serious security risks, the impact of public travel security grounds, to Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court for advance execution in the housing levy compensation decisions ". At the same time, Jianghan District government also in accordance with the provisions of the law made a written commitment, and provide collect account account account in the Bank of China Wuhan Jianghan Branch Business Department, above the balance of 2.28 billion yuan of funds as collateral.