4The nursing home was old cadres because of abusive beatings|The nursing home was old cadres because of abusive beatings

Homes for the elderly cadres by the elderly abuse began to hit the old man: wanted to drink wine or eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve, homes for the elderly cadre a are not allowed to drink also speak unpleasant to hear the dispute a high: the elderly have hypertension not drink more, I persuade abused, could not help but hit a few Yulin China Daily News (reporter Li Min) new year’s Eve to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve to drink wine, Shenmu county center nursing home five elderly Gaorun buy and homes for the elderly cadres high a dispute, a high hand to hit the old man to the head, old new year’s Eve night the hospital. China Daily reporter survey that the hospital before the other elderly had been a high playing experience. Old man was diagnosed with mild cerebral infarction doctor: do not rule out and strike from outside on February 18, the reporter in Shenmu county hospital see Gaorun buy old man. The 62 year old Gaorun buy childless, 4 years ago in Shenmu county nursing home center. Said the old man, new year’s Eve day afternoon, homes for the elderly all the elderly in the canteen eat together on New Year’s Eve, with joy, and usually do not drink wine, he drank four cups of wine also want to drink two cups. "The presence of a high I would like to hear a drink, come over to me," I usually see you work is not positive, drinking is so positive, not allowed to drink." Gaorun buy said, hear the words of a high, he is very angry, and a dispute of the high up, and the high a rushing, with their hands on his head repeatedly punched. I felt dizzy Gaorun buy after being hit, then was sent to the hospital. After a medical examination, Gaorun buy no obvious trauma, but was diagnosed with mild cerebral infarction. The doctor said that the cause of cerebral infarction occurred Gaorun buy not exclude the excitement and strike force. Gaorun buy said, high of a reason lay a finger on him, in addition to the day of the quarrel, because years ago he and high of a feast. "Three years ago, high of a beating a five elderly white one (deceased), I stepped forward to stop, and he occurrence dispute. Since then, the high everywhere bewilders me." Gaorun buy also mentioned that at the time of the incident, gerocomium Dean Liu Guorong also at the scene, Liu Guorong not only didn’t stop, still Gaorun buy beaten said: "you may be in this a man to care for you, if the home you even & times; drink less." Gaorun buy said when he heard this, he more angry, and immediately, Dean Liu Guorong quarrel. Another old man: in the medical room door by the cadres played it is understood, Shenmu county center, nursing home was established in 2010 is Shenmu county, the largest facilities most of the pension institutions. The existing residents of 240 people, most of them for the childless elderly. More than five elderly and carer confirmed the new year’s Eve a dozen Gaorun buy a thing, also confirmed the president Liu Guorong said dirty word. "High usually on a temper, often abuse us, we usually go away." The Institute of one of five elderly people that interview, a 71 year old five elderly Liu Yuxiang see reporters after the mood is very excited, filed a high, the old man once uncontrolled tears. Liu Yuxiang said that he had been beaten up by a high. "Three or four times before and after, I do not know the reason, only to remember the worst time in the medical room door, I was playing the whole body is blood, before my eyes can see a little, that was hit after 4