4North Korea announced the inter Korean Economic Cooperation Agreement invalid geometry – Sohu news|North Korea announced the inter Korean Economic Cooperation Agreement invalid geometry – Sohu news

North Korea announced that inter Korean Economic Cooperation Agreement invalid effect of geometry – Sohu News Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 10 (Xinhua) (hot quiz) North Korea announced that inter Korean Economic Cooperation Agreement invalid affect the geometry of the peaceful reunification of the Korean committee spokesman 10th issued a statement, announced towards inter Korean Economic Cooperation and exchange agreement immediately from all invalid. Why North Korea to make this statement? What is the purpose? It will also impact the inter Korean relations and the situation on the peninsula? The move to what? What is the purpose? North Korea the same day were announced three of Han Cuoshi announced towards the inter Korean economic cooperation and communication protocol are invalid; because South Korea unilaterally break all the mount Kumgang tourist and open operation of the City Industrial Park, the complete liquidation of assets of North Korea South Korea enterprises and related institutions; and in the political, military, economic layer face south Korean government "continuous blow." Is widely believed that the DPRK move is mainly directed against South Korea announced on the 8th of unilateral sanctions against North Korea and in February this year to cut off all open operation of the City Industrial Park and take counter measures. In South Korea and the United States in the whole territory of South Korea launched in recent years has the largest joint military exercise, increase the military deterrence and sanctions in parallel, the DPRK announced the counter measures is not surprising. Early this year, North Korea conducted a fourth nuclear test, and then carried out satellite launch. In response, the South Korean government decided to interrupt the operation of the City Industrial Park from February 10th onwards. North Korea then announced the closure of the tit for tat, park, South Korea freeze all assets, withdraw the Park North Korean workers. The UN Security Council this month, passed a resolution on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs provided a series of sanctions, the South Korean government on the 8th announced on toward unilateral sanctions, covering finance, shipping, import and export and so on four aspects. In 10 days of talks, the DPRK spokesman of condemnation and said that unilateral sanctions "absurd and useless". How much of an impact on the situation of inter Korean relations and the peninsula? In fact, inter Korean economic cooperation and exchange projects have been in a state of suspension. Started in 1998, Mount Kumgang tourism project, as early as July 2008, a South Korean female tourists in Mount Kumgang tourist area near the military restricted zone was shot dead by North Korean soldiers, has been interrupted so far. The 2010 South Korean Cheonan sinking, South Korea on North Korea implementation "5? 24" massive sanctions, and stop the vast majority of inter Korean trade and economic cooperation, open city industrial park to become "the only remaining" economic cooperation projects. 2014, several South Korean enterprises composition consortium, to acquire stock from Russia, bypassing the "5 24" measures prohibited South Korean companies directly cooperate with the DPRK "forbidden zone, in toward the Russian Luojin Hassan logistics project. With the implementation of the New Security Council resolution, the 13 party cooperation projects have also been declared interrupted. Analysts believe that in view of the peninsula divided state between the north and the south, the special relationship, toward greater degree of inter Korean economic and trade relations is the relations between the two sides of the extension and embodiment, so inevitably by is strongly influenced by the political and military factors or even. Along with the development of relations between South Korea and North Korea cold cold, Korean economic and trade cooperation has been so There is not much left. on the bilateral trade, North Korea)