4NBA Kobe back 10 points the Lakers lost the bulls were beaten 8 straight – Sports – People’s |NBA Kobe back 10 points the Lakers lost the bulls were beaten 8 straight – Sports – People’s

NBA: Kobe comeback 10 & nbsp; negative Lakers bull brutally 8 defeats – Sports – People’s network, Beijing, January 29 (Intern Wang Meng) Beijing time on January 29, NBA2015-16 season, regular season continued. The Lakers Zuozhen Staples Center against the Chicago Bulls. The Kobe comeback 13 voted 10 to get 4 points, but the Lakers still 91 to 114 big match against the bulls, were the 8 game losing streak. Data. (record of 9 wins and 39 negative) Jordan Clarkson 16 points and 4 assists for the Lakers, Julius Randle 14 points and eight rebounds, Anthony Browne 7 points, came off the bench to Nick – Poplar 14 points. D”angelo Russell 7 throws only 1 in only 3 points. The bulls (record of 26 wins, 19 losses) Jimmy Butler had 26 points and 10 assists. Pau Gasol had 21 points and, 12 rebounds and seven assists, Derek – Ross comeback 16 points, seven rebounds and five assists, Taj Gibson 9 points and 11 rebounds, came off the bench to Doug McDermott 15 points. First quarter, the Bulls opening that become masters played aggressive attack, Gasol teamed up with Ross gets 10 points play 18-8 small climax, followed by Butler and by virtue of the ability of individuals even 6 points, the first section of the bulls is a 32-15 made a big score lead. In the second quarter, Kobe Bryant and Nikyan on the perimeter hits separately recovered six points, but the Bulls quickly suppressed the counterattack of the momentum, half ending bull 58-40 to lead. The third quarter of the Lakers offense is still no improvement, the bulls with a 19 point lead into the fourth quarter. At this time the Lakers seemed to have dropped out of the race, early on the bench, the bulls to a 114-91 victory over the lakers.