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Deputy to the National People’s Congress: migrant parents should perform "birth to teach" the whole chain of responsibility Wu Hongqin [left behind children] yesterday, the Ministry of education minister Yuan Guiren said children are staying in China in the town of appearing in the process of a new group. It is understood that China has about 60 million left behind children, of which there are about 24000000 in the compulsory education stage. All localities and departments, about the school and social groups concerned to joint efforts, in the boarding school arrangement, mental health education, schools and parents to communicate together to solve good problem of left behind children, for their woven tightly woven prison a care network, network protection. Before the day, the State Council issued the "opinions on strengthening the protection of rural left behind children" (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). Opinions stressed the responsibility of the family care, the individual is not raised, the parents of the left behind children may face a variety of penalties. At the same time but also ensure to keep opinions of children because of poverty. Yesterday, the left behind children became the hot topic of two sessions. Number of delegates said, pay more attention to these children, we must first strengthen the regulatory responsibility of parents and guardians, "to bear responsibility for the whole chain, from legal constraints’ without support, keep and do not teach ‘problem"; at the same time, government supporting policies to solve the problems of education of children of peasant worker family, ", on the one hand, consider Suiqian children can be to the integral of studying, on the other hand, improved teaching in rural areas, to" small is beautiful "aspects of development direction, study and solve the left behind children practical demand." Parents "life without support, keep and do not teach" National People’s Congress, Fujian Provincial Women’s Federation Chairman Wu Hongqin and an identity is deputy director of the Fujian Province NWCCW, responsible for the coordination and related work. Wu Hongqin introduction, Fujian province has about 200000 left behind children, she has been with the relevant responsible person in Fujian province. "Go to a county northwest of Fujian Province, where many people go out to work," said Wu Hongqin, the camp is three months. Survey found, individual migrant parents "and raise, raise and do not teach" behavior, in extreme cases, some parents give the local mayor, the mayor’s door put a, "effect, I have left, leaving the baby; he had an accident, you come off sentry duty." "This is not to be born, not to be taught." The child rearing responsibilities completely shirk to the behavior of the government and the society, not only is a dereliction of duty, may even gave birth to the crime problems of left behind children, "because now, the children’s problems, more because of the lack of accompanying parents," said Wu Hongqin. CPPCC National Committee members, China Youth University for Political Science, Ni Bangwen, Party Secretary of the State Department concerned to the State Department recently released for the left behind children. Ni Bangwen said that in the future if the problem of left behind children, parents should take the primary responsibility, but also to the parties to support social forces. Rigid constraint and flexible mediation can solve the problem better." How to "hard and soft"? Wu Hongqin said, one is to strengthen the legal concept of parents, parents also want to take into account the children, to fulfill the full responsibility of the chain of birth. If there is no performance, it should be in accordance with the law of the protection of minors and related documents, the requirements of the parents to fulfill the legal responsibility of the guardian. Wu Hongqin and the CPPCC National Committee members, Yu Minhong, chairman of the New Oriental Education Group have proposed that the problem is actually left behind children’s social and economic development of the stage,.