4Jeremy Lin suffered winter defense is the key moment but burst into the OTC – Sohu Sports Spectators|Jeremy Lin suffered winter defense is the key moment but burst into the OTC – Sohu Sports Spectators

Lin suffered winter defense was blasting critical moment is OTC spectators – Sohu Sports & gt; & gt; data point shooting record Beijing time on January 23, the NBA regular season continue, wasp 120-116 overtime victory against the magic, in the game, Lin won the 7 points and 4 assists. Since entering in 2016, the wasp has been plagued by injuries, and Jeremy Lin has also been a lot of opportunities for the game. In many people’s opinion, Jeremy Lin this should be like the year in New York, which ushered in the outbreak, but in fact, Jeremy Lin did not become better. Throughout January, Jeremy Lin averaged 2.5 points, 13.7 assists and 3.1 rebounds, and Jeremy Lin’s score was more than a few months ago, but the number of assists and rebounds was down. And after entering the 2016, Jeremy Lin on the field of positive and negative values for -4.6, which means that when Jeremy Lin is in the presence of the wasp is losing. Jeremy Lin and Walker partner can really began to play, but also the first and perhaps not the best choice. Data show that when Jeremy Lin started playing, his positive and negative value is -6.2, and when Jeremy Lin playing the bench, his positive and negative value of +2.8. Against the magic, absence of Batum, Jeremy Lin once again into the starting lineup, this time Lin will be towards the hair side comb down, is no longer before the Mohawk. However, a change in hairstyle does not seem to bring good luck to the Jeremy Lin, the first section of the game, linshuhao scoreless, it seems very tired, user was on the on the social networking site slot, Jeremy Lin did not attack, no defense, no energy. Throughout the first half, Lin will be a total of only get 3 points, in the face of the impact of Peyton and ora Dibo, book ho both offense and defense are unable to find a rhythm. On the third day, Jeremy Lin really strive to adjust their own, his breakthrough becomes suddenly resolutely up, but in the first half of the game and the Hornets were only backward 6 points, to the game in the third quarter, the Hornets trailed the 19 points, and this time walker, Jeremy Lin are present. Lin’s defense is really too bad, in the game, he more is in the para position Fournier and ora Dibo, after the end of the third quarter, Fournier has got 15 points, ora Dibo 24 points. Compared to last season with the Lakers, Jeremy Lin of the new season has been ample opportunity, also successfully won the trust of coach Clifford, but this season, linshuhao poor defense, lack of stability of the problem remains. At a crucial moment in the game, you will find that Clifford would rather use Roberts also do not have Jeremy Lin, and it is this set of players to complete a 19 points to lead the big reversal, which is a warning for the book. (Yi Meng)