4Hebei traffic corruption nest case is now a small official giant rot 20 months 1 people sacked|Hebei traffic corruption nest case is now a small official giant rot 20 months 1 people sacked

Hebei Jiaotong corruption Woan now 20 people inside the little giant official corruption 1 month sacked following home was seized on billion yuan in cash to the Qinhuangdao deputy division level cadres Ma Chaoqun, Hebei reappearance "small giant rot typical. Hebei Chengde Cheng Qin expressway management at the former director of the (deputy director) static astronomical bribery amounted to more than 2600 yuan, on 14 December 2015 by the court of First Instance sentenced to life imprisonment. In mid August 2014 began more than a month, the transportation system in Hebei Province a total of more than 20 size officials sacked, including departmental level 1, level 18. Static astronomy is a member of the corruption case. According to public information, as of now, there have been 2 cases of these nests in the first instance verdict, 4 cases of trial. In these 6 cases, although the lowest level of the administrative level, but the highest amount of money involved. Judicial documents show, static astronomical involving a total of 14 cases of bribery facts, which 13 pen for received in his position as Chengde Cheng Qin expressway management office director, in charge of Cheng Qin high-speed construction period, the single biggest bribery amount of 190 million yuan. Static money without astronomical cover, also received 1 million yuan in cash in Hebei province traffic hall door. 13 years ago, access to "the first barrel of gold" static astronomy served as Chengde City Zhang Bai wan to Longhua secondary road (hereinafter referred to as "a long road") long project construction headquarters, Chengde city traffic bureau assistant researcher, Chengde, Hebei Cheng Qin expressway management office director. In 2002, Zhang Long Highway construction. Ren Chengde city traffic survey and Design Institute, vice president of the static astronomy was appointed as project construction headquarters long, Peter fashion section level cadres static astronomical first obtain an important real power. Because this section of the road belongs to the government to invest in the construction, construction is easy checkout, Chengde City, the various types of construction companies have to think of ways to get to the project. Project team of bureau of traffic of Longhua County captain Hemou met static astronomy. After the two sides are familiar with, he told the static astronomy, if you can help to get a highway engineering, he is willing to give the benefits". Static astronomy accepted the request, and help Hemou project team bid the project J contract section. More than a year of construction, the project team from the Chengde Municipal Highway Engineering Management Office to get every project funding. He did not forget the previous commitment, after getting the project, he gave the static astronomical 100 thousand yuan. This is the first pen bribery judicial organs that accept astronomical check. Traffic entrance hall received millions of cash in the next few years, he was promoted to bureau of traffic investigation of static astronomical assistant in Chengde city. In March 2008, he and Ren Chengde City Cheng Qin expressway management office director, preside the overall work of the management, concentrating on the bearing Qin expressway construction work in full. In fact, as an assistant researcher at the static astronomical period, it has fulfilled the duties of the director of the Qin highway management department. Qin (Chengde to Qinhuangdao) highway in 2006 has entered the preparatory work, this highway is an important transportation infrastructure planning in Hebei Province, a total investment of billions of dollars. The director of the Qin expressway management office as a static astronomical, hold the Chengde section of the highway construction power, 6