4Dongfeng 21d missile Replacement Warhead debut warned us not to enter the South China Sea (Figure)|Dongfeng 21d missile Replacement Warhead debut warned us not to enter the South China Sea (Figure)

Dongfeng 21d missile replaced the new warhead warning the U. S. debut do not break in the South China Sea (Figure) in northern rocket army team braved the cold weather to perform live firing task. Missile suspected Dongfeng 21 improved medium range strategic missile warhead, which uses a new double cone warhead with air rudder. & nbsp; during the Spring Festival, CCTV exposure PLA rocket troops under the jurisdiction of the df-21d anti-ship ballistic missile force field against rapid maneuvers were the second wave hit the screen. Western media attaches concern, February 16, on the website of the British "Jane’s Defense Weekly" published an article that the df-21d missile for the first time exposure of the model of maneuverable warhead, the British media speculation, the DF-21 missile equipment of different warheads may reflect the competition of two of China’s missile manufacturer of Aerospace science and industry group and Aerospace Science and technology group. The article said that on February 5, CCTV exposure for the first time the suspected the df-21d anti-ship ballistic missile model maneuverable warhead, then in February 12, reports, the speculation was confirmed, 2500 chassis the missile of launch vehicle 10X8 driven Wanshan, the chassis also for east wind – 21C and Dongfeng 21d, but February 12 days of reports, pictures show that the missile launch at the bottom of the barrel is equipped with a new type of integral type rubber shock absorber, the last September 3rd Victory Day parade and exposure of the df-21d missile is consistent. British media said, only the February 5th report shows that the missile equipped with a wing warhead. In 2007, the first exposure of the Dongfeng -21C missiles are usually equipped with a more simple to ground attack maneuver terminal guided warhead, the missile’s range of 1700 km. The article said that in 2010 the report of the United States The Pentagon believes that a range of 1400-1700 km of the Dongfeng -21D missile has been equipped with the initial operational capability. Its warhead is considered to be longer, may be installed in the interior of the side mounted radar, can be calculated at the end of the target location. The article said that in February 5th the image shows that the aerospace science and Technology Group production of -21D warhead and Aerospace Science and Technology Group production of Dongfeng -15B may be different, the latter is the use of a conical end guided warhead. The exposure of the Korla Xinjiang missile base in the Dongfeng -21 photos show that the missile is equipped with a different shape of the belt. The article has speculated that this may be due to the China Aerospace Science and technology group and the China Aerospace Science and technology group is competing for large ballistic missile warhead project. February 12th CCTV news footage, shooting locations should be the South zone. British media said the so-called two df-21d anti-ship ballistic missile news, according to public information, British media said the February 5th reported occurred in North China, and February 12, the report seems to be south environment. This also with the outside world speculation China will be deployed in the east wind -21D anti ship ballistic missiles in southern North China in response to the threat of different directions. The so-called Dongfeng -21D of the new bullet, according to military observers analysis, is a new type of air tank with a new type of warhead, the warhead is actually not the first to see, as early as in the east wind -15B Guide