4Cyclists And Road Accidents|Cyclists And Road Accidents

Legal Those road users among us who prefer to travel on two wheels are very much aware of the dangers involved in sharing the road with our four wheeled compatriots. Instances of motorcyclists and cyclists being knocked off their bikes by car drivers who were unaware of their presence on the road are frequent and neither side can be said to be entirely blameless. Due to the nature of their engineering, bikes are able to zip in and out traffic and it is a very common occurrence on roads wherever you go. The main issue with motorcyclists and cyclists is that in comparison to a car they have a very thin visual profile and can be easily missed in mirrors as they pass cars in traffic. As such, there has been a move towards making road users more conscious of cyclists and motorcyclists through various advertising campaigns. There has also been a concerted effort to make cyclists and motorcyclists understand that they have such a low visual profile – even in broad daylight. As a result, they have been encouraged, again through the use of advertising and awareness campaigns, to increase their profile and visibility whenever theyre out on their bike. They have been told that by wearing high-visibility garments it is much easier to see them at all times of the day and night and in all road and traffic conditions. Even with the onus being on making cars and bikes more aware of each there are still many accidents and the fault can lie with either party depending on the situation. However in an instance when a motorist has simply been careless and caused serious injury to a cyclist or motorcyclist, they must be held accountable for their actions. This is the case in any motoring accident and yet if a cyclist gets knocked off the road by a careless road user it can often be that nothing is done about it when something most certainly should be. When you get knocked off your bike you go into shock and the last thing you are thinking about is insurance. First you must check yourself over and then your bike to assess the damage. It is only later when you begin to calm down that you realise you forgot to get the drivers details. There are many companies that specialise in dealing with cyclist and motorcyclist insurance claims and many have very high success rates, so it is certainly worth considering them should the worst happen. About the Author: