4Crimee Mainz already to Beijing when the second home is no longer a child – Sports Sohu|Crimee Mainz already to Beijing when the second home is no longer a child – Sports Sohu

Creamer CI: had to Beijing when the second home is no longer a child – Sohu Sports Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Fan) yesterday, national security foreign aid Kerry Metz in the blessings of the team spent his 24th birthday, although is 90, but secondary joined the national security he to Beijing fans, is already an old acquaintance. As is in during the winter, happy birthday to me all conform to the principle of simplicity, but the team still custom birthday cake, his teammates as he sing the birthday song. "This is my first time in the national security team on my birthday, my first wish is good health, the second is sure that the team can achieve good results." Kerry Metz yesterday to accept the Legal Evening News reporter, said that the past two years he has experienced growth, and now with the special feelings of Beijing return to the country, can have more play. Talk about the feelings of family like Beijing has long been seen here as the second home by night: you early 2013 had joined the national security, but at the end of the season left. Why do you choose to play again for the national security after a lapse of two years, is there any particular reason? Kerry Metz: the last time I came to the national security, just over two or three months time I like this city, my family are very fond of Beijing, my daughter is born in Beijing. So, I love this city, love the fans here. Law late: did not give her daughter to take a Chinese name? Kerry Metz: the future will certainly give her a take, especially if the regeneration of a child’s words, there will certainly be a Chinese name. Method: after the end of late winter, will take the family to Beijing to live together? Will also live in the original house? Kerry Metz: sure to the family, until March League began, warm weather will pick them up over and I live together. As for the house, certainly do not live to original place, because the child, home to many people, need a bigger house, and in the future there will be family, friends come over, so I’ll look for a bigger house. Law late: from what time began to have the intention of cooperation with the national security again? Kerry Metz: last year when national security will contact the me, but because I had my contract, so this thing is my agent and the club to talk about. My agent thinks was not to wait for FC pakhtakor Tashkent team took the League champion to, then consider this matter. In fact, in addition to the national security, and the Russian super team to find me, but I have decided to go back to the national security, and I have long regarded Beijing as my second home. Talk about the return of the team has a lot of acquaintances when the bar handsome disciple is a kind of incentive law late: two times the effectiveness of the national security team, the feeling of what is different? Kerry Metz: there will certainly be different, the first coach is different, the last time was in oristano. In addition, the team has a number of new elements, I believe that through a period of training, I and the team will be better and better. Law late: but the overall feeling should not be too strange, right? Kerry Metz: Yes, I came back after the team has a lot of acquaintances, we are very enthusiastic and I say hello, welcome me back..