4China’s share of high-speed economic start – Theory – People’s network|China’s share of high-speed economic start – Theory – People’s network

China’s share of high-speed economic start – Theory – People’s network original title: China to share the economic speed start, the Internet is making me and strangers to establish never." Hangzhou, a company white-collar workers told reporters. Now, go to work every morning, she has been used to take a taxi ride, to 40 yuan, and as long as 20 yuan ". Last April, she went to Chengdu to attend the wedding, the bride in short rent website for friends rented a small duplex villas, "4 bedroom live seven of us, a genius 300 yuan". The change of life style of Niu Xing is the portrayal of "sharing economy" in our country’s rapid development. This concept of "sharing the economy" for the first time entered the "government work report". "Government work report" put forward: "to support the sharing of economic development, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, so that more people join in, get rich." In the global field, idle is a waste, use but not to buy the share of the economy is also a small run". Data from market research institutions show that in 2015 the market share of the economy in the global market size of about $810 billion, from 2014 to 2015, the inflow of funds to share the risk of economic growth has increased by more than 5 times. In the world’s highest valuation of unlisted companies, carpool step optimum valuation has reached $100 billion, attention to personal rental housing share of airbnb valuation of $30 billion, they are "share economy business model. "What sharing economy" in the end to share, why can achieve "a thousand li a day"? "Sharing the economy" will be for personal consumption and industrial restructuring brought about by what kind of change? Share economy share what famous share of economic research, the zero marginal cost to society "author Jeremy? Rifkin said frankly:" share economy has brought a change the human way of life of revolutionary resources, it brings the economic life of the new organization will go beyond the traditional market model. " The so-called sharing economy is refers to an individual, organization or enterprise, through social platform sharing of idle resources in kind or cognitive surplus, to less than the marginal cost of professional organizers to provide services and obtain the income of economic phenomenon, its essence is to buy rental, resource dominion and separated from the right to the use. Tencent Research Institute senior fellow Sun Yi said that the share economy early in 2000 and began to appear, but substantial growth appeared in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, such as airbnb was founded in 2008, Uber was established in 2009. Using less resources consumption, to meet the daily needs of more people, share economy through the innovation platform, to lower cost and more efficient implementation of economic surplus resources matching supply and demand, has reached "do the best, make the best use of everything". Boosting share of the rapid economic development of another important engine is the popularity of the Internet and mobile internet. CITIC Securities chief global economist Wensheng Peng said: "from the perspective of economics, sharing economy is an Internet era lease economic model, through the Internet third-party platform to realize the individual directly between the idle)