49The Double Ninth Festival in the fragrance of chrysanthemum health – Sohu|The Double Ninth Festival in the fragrance of chrysanthemum health – Sohu7

The Double Ninth Festival in the fragrance of Chrysanthemum – Sohu Health Festival day in September 9th of the lunar year, as with the "long" is a homonym, contains the meaning of life for a long time, health and longevity. The beginning of 1980s, some places in China to this day as a festival for the elderly, promote the whole society to establish respect for the elderly, and ZhuLao, atmosphere, can be said that the festival as a festival for the elderly to live, is the last 30 years to some things. In fact, the Double Ninth Festival in the Warring States period has been, the main purpose is to "avoid disaster", the festival drink chrysanthemum wine, climbing, cornel customs, are for this purpose. Chongyang Festival, is also the chrysanthemum open day, chrysanthemum flower not only beautiful, but also because of Tao Yuanming, even to take a man’s integrity. So there is the story of the flower, gourmet family naturally will not let go. Chrysanthemum, taste sweet, flat, can Shufeng heat, detoxification Mingmu, have good therapeutic efficacy for headache, dizziness, anti-aging, modern medical research thinks, volatile oil, chrysanthemum glycosides, choline and other components in chrysanthemum, for Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Bacillus dysenteriae, have inhibition. So here we teach some chrysanthemum delicacy. Chrysanthemum soup: 5 red dates into the appropriate amount of water, boil, small fire simmer for 15 minutes, put sugar, vinegar, salt, wet starch thicken, add 100 grams of white chrysanthemum, stir evenly. This soup has a good therapeutic effect on liver fire rising swollen red eyes, can be used as a soup dish on the table, if only sugar seasoning can be dessert. Chrysanthemum tofu (1) the tofu cut into 3.3 cm square, 0.3 cm thick pieces. Rinse the chrysanthemum with boiling water, remove the petals, cut into two sections. Each piece of bean paste were posted on a number of chrysanthemum section, and then sprinkle a thin layer of flour on top, and then gently by hand flat, so that the flour evenly dip in the tofu chrysanthemum petals. (2) the eggs into the bowl, mixing evenly. With chopsticks tofu piece with chrysanthemum petals and flour, followed on the thick liquid egg lay wrapped in uniform, then the order code on the plate. (3) in a skillet, add salad oil till the 50% heat, under the diced green onion, ginger stir fried flavor, add salt, MSG, rice wine and bean soup burned for about 1 minutes, poured into the bowl. (4) tofu will be set inside the steamer for 2 minutes, stir in boiling water steam, pour into the prepared marinade. When you eat, mix well. This classic dishes, the most suitable for the cold dew season wide in the lungs, qingremingmu.