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The swimming championships won the 200 mixed Wang Shun ye ye 200 butterfly only won eighth preliminaries out Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 9th news, held in Huangshan City in 2016 the National Swimming Championships ended the first day of competition. The Rio Olympic bronze medalist, the team from Zhejiang Wang Shun easily won 200 mixed championship, Wang Lizhuo won 100 Navy medals and two consecutive games for the frog, and the London Olympic champion Ye Shiwen won only eighth of 200 butterfly project. National Swimming Championships this year, due to Sun Yang, Ning Zetao, such as the absence of the world’s top stars appear dim stars in the dim light of the stars of the National Swimming Championships in the world, such as the stars of the National Swimming Championships, and so on. Women: Women’s 200 backstroke, the Rio Olympic Games project seventh, the Zhejiang team Liu Yaxin to 2 points 11 seconds 79 won third. The Beijing team and the Hubei team Xu Cheng Hai Hui won the championship. The 100 meter freestyle, the Rio Olympic medal winner, Zhejiang team "the female" Fu Yuanhui out, national team teammate Zhu Menghui to win 53 to 87 seconds, and in the Rio Olympic semi-finals she missed the final 98 to 53 seconds. Jiangsu team Shen duo to 55 seconds to get the second runner up, Shandong’s Yang Junxuan to get a second in 55 seconds, 23 to third, the first time, the team of the team. 50 m breaststroke, the Liaoning team Liu Xiaoyu to 31 seconds 75 won the championship, the cable ran Navy in 31 seconds, 81 runner up, Guangxi team Feng Junyang to 31 seconds 87 won third. In the 200 meter butterfly final, Wang Siqi Beijing team with 2 points 08 seconds 53 won, the Hebei team Zhou Yilin to 2 points 08 seconds 74 runner up, Guangdong team Yu Liyan to 2 points 09 seconds 49 won third. The London Olympic champion Ye guest travel of the project, with 2 minutes 17 seconds 34 poor performance but only won eighth. The world record of the project is Liu Zige in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to create 2 minutes and 01 seconds 81. Men: Men’s 100 m breaststroke, the project of domestic record holder Li Xiang absent. While the Navy’s Wang Lizhuo to 1 minute 0 seconds 76 won the championship, the two consecutive championships. Shanghai’s Zhang Zhihao to 1 minutes and 01 seconds to get the second runner up, Hubei team Yan Bei to 1 minutes and 01 seconds to get third of the 42. The 1500 meter freestyle final, the Rio Olympics Shanghai team player Qiu Ziao to 15 points 17 seconds 09 team lost to Shandong Ji Xinjie 15 points 12 seconds 78 runner up. In the men’s 200 meter medley final, the Rio Olympic Games with 1 points 57 seconds 05 won the bronze Wang Shun Zhejiang team today to 1 minutes 57 seconds 74 won easily. Tan Haiyang of the navy to 1 minutes and 59 seconds to get the runner up, Guangdong’s team in order to get a score of 2 minutes, 04 seconds, third to 84 of the total number of players in the world cup in the United States, with a score of. The last man 4X200 meters relay, the Zhejiang team to 7 minutes and 93 seconds to win the Henan team to get a runner up in 7 minutes and 21 seconds, the Shanghai team to 7 minutes and 26 seconds to get third of the 10. The national record of the project is 7 minutes and 04 seconds, the Asian record is 7 minutes and 02 seconds 26, 74. (South)