48His worst start a war to send Chamberlain can’t save the Pelican (video)|His worst start a war to send Chamberlain can’t save the Pelican (video)8

His worst start a war to send Chamberlain can’t save the pelican [] score eyebrows single eat Aldridge silky feel successful Tencent sports news October 30th shot back-to-back away to Pelican spurs, they eventually defeat the opponent to 79-98, Anthony – Davies made debut in 28 minutes, 15 voted 6 to get 18 points and 5 rebounds 3 times cover. Eyebrows brother finally returned to the mortal in season two games, played the eyebrows brother staggering data, the total reached 95 points, the data ranked third in the history of the NBA beyond the 1986-87 season Michael Jordan (the first two 91 points), only in the 1962-63 season (106 points) and 1961-62 (season 105) Chamberlain. Admittedly, the first two eyebrows brother like an alien, the campaign, fighting back to back, and the opponent is seasoned spurs, Anthony Davies has finally returned to earth, the Spurs strategy is as far as possible to keep Aldridge away from the forbidden area, in this game, Davies is in the low ball, his attacks are from high initiate, or complete the jumper, or start to break the ball. The first attack on the eyebrows brother very hard, he in the double attack Aldridge and Leonard, with a cast the ball in the basket, fully embodies the power of the individual, in the middle, eyebrows brother face Aldridge’s defense, once again completed a sharp attack on his back singles after, a sudden turn back the ball into, also caused a foul by A De 2+1. In the second section of the game, brother can still play some heavy color of the performance on both ends of the court, for example in the basket gave Gasol a hard hat, jumper manufacturing A De foul, once again to complete the 2+1, but it can not be denied, even if the eyebrows brother got 14 points and 4 rebounds in the first half of the data is not bad, but the hot start for his performance, the Spurs limit also has to be considered a success. If his brother first half performance has been lower than expected, then the second half, his performance can be "bad" to describe, in addition to dribble in an attack forced into the basket layup, there is no other eyebrows brother dazzling moment, the second half of his shots for 6 to 1, with Anthony Davies misfiring, early into the garbage time game. For Anthony Davies, now his confusion lies in whether brush scores or get low score, all win in the pelican, games, Pelican shooter total 22 cast 4, three point hit rate is 18.2%, so the hit rate will obviously make the Spurs will be the main focus in the rest assured defense inside and in the face of this grim scene, I also have the habit of eyebrows brother, who, he lost the first two games of the murderous kind, just a bit more numb. Three straight, do not know how long the eyebrows brother will continue to confusion? As someone joked: "this is the real Bo Tim Tin Mat." A pelican, so, to let people see hope, I am afraid that Chamberlain put in here, so save the team. (cat bear) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.